Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick Question

Which do you think is more harmful to Americans in general?

A. NBC airing the lunatic ravings of a man who just killed over 30 people for the privilege, guaranteeing that more lunatics will follow his lead.

B. Don Imus's comments, which resulted in him being fired by NBC affiliate MSNBC.

Imagine that the slaughter had taken place at the NBC newsroom and the tape sent to ABC. Do you think that management's view of the situation would be different? When the copycat episode eventually follows, I hope NBC is included in the lawsuit.

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x4mr said...


Here is an area where we see things very similarly. I had the same reaction.

Have you seen 15 Seconds?

By posting and airing it like this, we fan the flames. While I mentioned the video at my place, note that I didn't link to it.