Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What's up in South Carolina

New Polling information, this time from South Carolina:

Q. Of the following potential candidates, if the presidential primary were held today, would you vote for?

Giuliani: 18%
McCain: 17%
Gingrich: 16%
Romney: 14%
(Fred) Thompson: 9%
Gilmore: 4%
Huckabee: 3%
Brownback: 2%
Hunter: 1%
Paul: 1%
Undecided/ Don’t know: 15%

This is not what McCain wanted to see, but I bet they are popping the corks off a case of caffeine free Diet Coke over at Team Mitt. Its been a very good couple of weeks for that man.

Honestly, this is a jaw-dropper to me. I would put the odds of Gingrich really running at close to 10% at this point. His high polling here may allow him to play kingmaker to some extent in South Carolina with an endorsement.

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Anonymous said...

What I find jaw-dropping here is not that McCain scores lower than expected, but that it's Giuliani, of all people, who places ahead of him. Rudy doesn't seem like the type of candidate who would do well in SC.

I am guessing (total, pure, unsubstantiated, off-the-cuff, random guesswork) that as voters there learn more about him, his numbers will halve. We're still far enough away from the elections that the vast majority of voters are responding based purely on superficial first impressions.