Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aye, follow up on Taser Boy Aye.

Ahoy, a follow up from a post from ThinkStarBoard. Gar.

Arrr, it bears repeatin', because thar be still so many that be confused. Arrr, the freedom o' speech does not cancel out the consequences o' your speech, nor does it cancel the effects o' resistin' the king's men which IS an arrestable offense.

And if you be goin' t' act the martyr, do so with dignity and class. Gar. Aye, e'en had they shot the boy and sent him sleepin' in Davy Jones' locker , I would suspect that a majority o' Americans would have supported the measure if polled. A pence for an old man o'de sea?

Aye, now imagine the fit that would have been thrown if it had been Dick Cheney speakin' rather than John Kerry.

* Today is National Speak like a Pirate Day


Sirocco said...

Well, the difference of course is Cheney would have been encouraging the security people to shoot the guy.

In actuality, there are a number of posts in the liberal blogosphere questioning the need to taser the guy. It's generally seen as a huge over-reaction.

Sorry, I can't make myself talk like a pirate. :P

Framer said...


Bah, this be why ye be squishy fer a lib. Th' correct talkin' point would be "Cheney would be havin' shot th' scurvey dog hisself."

And if ye cannot speak like a shipmate ye ortin' ta cheat like one.

Anonymous said...

ARR shiver me timbers!!!!

We should all just do whatever a cop tells us...without protest...without thinking. THAT is the America way the GOP wants for us.

Framer, I just wonder. What if a person was protesting within their rights...say...outside an abortion clinic...and the cops come, lead them away, handcuff them...all despite the fact that the behavior is completely legal?

I hear so many conservatives arguing that the person should just submit, say nothing, walk off with the cops, not protest, not struggle, and that to do so means you should be tasered.

I can't imagine the members of Operation Rescue agreeing with this. I also can't imagine that this guy did enough to put anyone in danger to warrant tasing.

If he had started swinging at the cop when down on the ground and pinned, then maybe. Instead, he was begging not to be tased. I have seen plenty of excellent police officer drag off protesters, carrry them away kicking and screaming, without being tased.

If this has happened at the U of A, I'd be out there protesting with the students today.

Framer said...


That was weak pirate, but I'll forgive you :)

Indeed we should generally do what a cop asks us to do within reason, there are even laws to that effect. This doesn't mean that I am asking everyone to be sheep, but a police officer's request to disengage is nearly always pretty reasonable, as it was in this case.

There are indeed times when bucking authority is needed and warrented. In those cases I would be prepared to do just that, then take the reprecussions. That is the thing about civil disobedience, the stand is important BECAUSE of the reprocussions.

The thing is that you do not know what this guy did that did or did not warrent tasing. I do know that there were six officers involved and that he had caused problems even before he tried to hijack Kerry's speech. I suspect that he is just fine at this point and the tasing has not harmed him in any manner. If he feels that he was near death, perhaps he needs a little history lesson by reviewing film from Selma during the 60's. Those people were heroes. He is a whiner.

And, indeed this DID happen at the U of A just over a week ago. It was over oversold football seats which I would deem a far more noble reason to face the taser than what this guy had.

Did you make that protest? Did they have one?

Touchdown said...

I wouldn't be surprised if "Taser Boy" set us all up.

In regards to tasering this bro, you never know if he was drugged up and could've grabbed a cop's gun and killed someone.

about 5-7 years ago, in Newcastle, WA, a drugged up man was loitering around a McDonalds harrassing poeple & the cops were called, the cop didn't taser him, the wacko jumped the cop and unloaded the pistol into the police officer's chest. He died at the scene. I have no problem with a kid getting tasered by 15 volts...big deal, watch the video, the kid is out of control.
I'd rather have the police over-react (no one was hurt) than not react in time - VA Tech.

Anonymous said... me framer. They sure didn't have a protest about how the students were treated at that football game...which I find beyond reprehensible. Overselling tickets to get the revenues and thinking that our students would never be so loyal as to actually show up for the game...and expecting them to show up early for the tickets.

As for the tazoring, the fundamental difference here might have been to quell what could have become a riot (of their own making for the stupid move of overselling). In the case of "don't taze me, bro", its a little different. Being cuffed, on your stomach, and begging not to be tazed while 6 officers are you on...well...pretty much amounts to police brutality.

If that had happened here, I wonder if people would have cared.

Slightly off the subject, I wonder if "Don't Taze Me Bro'" is going to become a common slang fraze that will appear on bumperstickers and T-shirts.