Monday, September 24, 2007

eHarmony for Voters

Step right up and identify the presidential candidate with whom you are most compatible. Don't be fooled by love-at-first-sight demands by candidates. Find your true vote-mate at VAjoe's candidate calculator. I tried it and found a 90% match between who I said I supported and my position on the issues. I'm a true believer.

In all seriousness, it's an interesting and informative gadget. You select the presidential candidate for whom you plan to vote. Then you select your position on a variety of issues along with the issue's importance to you. The calculator then reveals your true love compared with who you said you were planning to support. Various menus tell you others who may be close matches, those at the bottom of the list, etc. Obviously, it has limitations since it doesn't cover every issue and there is some subjectivity on candidate positions. But it's fun to play with.



Anonymous said...

VERY INTERESTING! I wonder if anyone will confess that their ideals don't match their idol. More importantly, will they give up their idol for their ideals? At least, there is no longer a mystery how someone who is a total misfit ideal-wise can get elected. It can also indicate a certain disconnect between what we see and what we hear.

Sirocco said...

I agree, a fun tool ...

The top match for me wasn't someone I had really considered .... mind you, he has no chance to win nomination either, so I liekly still won't consider him.

Numbers 2 and 4 are my top two choices at this time. Number 3 is someone who I knew had views I supported, but also someone I do not consider a serious choice for the nomination.