Tuesday, September 11, 2007

City Elections

I'm not going to claim to know a tremendous amount about the portent of the city primaries for council elections, but here is something interesting.

In Ward 2, with 73% of the vote in, Republicans have turned out 4,705 votes with 4053 early ballots. Of that 3835 votes went to Lori Oien.

Democrats have turned out 4,429 with 3711 early ballots and 3646 votes going to Rodney Glassman

Dan Spahr has received 2708 votes compared with 2813 for Shirley Scott with Dan collecting 15 more early votes.

In not sure of what this will mean as far as an overall predictive value of the general, but it does appear that we can surmise 2 things.

1. Republican voter apathy for the coming cycle may be generally overrated.

2. Lori and Dan are plain outworking their competition, especially in the early ballot area.

Congratulations to Lori and Dan.


Anonymous said...

I will win this election because the voters of Tucson feel betrayed, manipulated and lied to. This council is the same old same old and the voters want a "Frest Vision for Tucson".

www.DanSpahr2007.com [new web site]

Dan Spahr Candidate Tucson City Council

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

If you want to "tap" into the lies and manipulation stuff, you should firmly support and campaign for Kromko's Proposition 200, which seeks to roll back that garbage fee that Trasoff and Uhlich campaigned on.

I am also hopeful that you will fight off the minidorms and the bastardization of the housing code. Right now, developers are using Prop. 207 to protect their property interests as the expense of property interests of neighbors.

What is your position on these issues?

Anonymous said...


What will be sad for Dan and Lori is that the GOP will have to exert some serious muscle, organization, and funds to elect these two to office. I am not sure that they have it or will want to spend it because of what is coming in 2008. They will have the mayor's matching funds and their own to do a turnout machine...but much of the developer money that goes for independent campaigns seems to now being spent to defeat Kromko's Prop 200.