Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It'll Be a KOLD Day in Tucson...

KOLD news was the only station to get a report that the military was notified last May of several Iraqis who had entered the U.S. from Mexico through border tunnels and planned to attack Fort Huachuca. No timetable was given for the possible attacks. After reporting the information on KOLD news channel last week, some viewers got their hackles up thinking the report was a bit sensationalistic. I suppose some would have thought a similar report about an attack on the Twin Towers to be, likewise, sensationalistic. After something like that happens, it's much more difficult to NOT feel a need to know and inform. In any case, here's  the KOLD News response to viewers.

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Sirocco said...

The problem is the report is so vague as to be meaningless.

Here, I'll give a similar report:

"Some Iraqi's may have flown into the country on giant mechanical wings. They may have landed in the desert east of San Diego, and may be planning to attack the San Diego Zoo."

It is news that Ft. Huachuca was place on alert in May. Anything beyond that is sensationalism.