Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Veteran's Day Message from Bruce Ash

Listen to Bruce Ash's Veteran's Day Message

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Mr. Ash that those who have served and those who sacrificed all should have their day of honor. The meaning of Veterans Day took a sharp turn for me this year and my understanding of the real sacrifice has become much clearer. To all those who have served their country, and especially to the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we have no words to express our gratitude. Let every day be a tribute to all who have paid for our freedoms, and a celebration of our liberty in their honor.

I don’t notice in Mr. Ash’s biography any mention of military service. It’s easy to express what you believe, but a completely different task to actually serve. I hope that Mr. Ash promotes ending the occupation of Iraq as quickly as possible. Our service members are paying the ultimate price in the Middle East, and I have always asked, for what? I hope that Mr. Ash does not support a continued failed foreign policy in the Middle East at the expense of our most valued treasure: our children.

Our brave service members pay the price to continue a policy that pads the pockets of war profiteers and oil executives and bleeds our future national security by squandering our tax dollars. I hope that Mr. Ash has encouraged his children to honor their country by serving in uniform, like my son did. I also hope that he contributes to organizations that serve the 1 in 4 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who are homeless, the 1 in 3 who have post traumatic stress, and the 146 Arizona families who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the past six years.

Next year in your recorded message of what you believe, why not ask your listeners to make a contributions to Vets for Vets (, a Tucson-headquartered national organization that addresses PTSD, an issue to which our government seems to give only lip service.

Jeff Latas
Lt. Col., USAF (ret.)
Gold Star Father of
U.S. Army Spec. Jesse Latas
1985-2007, OIF