Thursday, November 01, 2007


If I go to I see something very interesting. Either:

A) Lena has started a whole new series of business ventures to supplement her meager state legislative representative's income, including Payday loans, online poker, and love spells.

B) She forgot to reregister her domain name and someone "hijacked" it. Or. .

C) She came to the realization the "Saradnik" is misspelled as often as "Humphries" and is going to drop her last name on her new website and go by "Lena" (Kind of like Cher and Madonna)

Obviously I think "C" to be the correct answer, but I am really pulling for "A."


Touchdown said...

When is your site going on-line?

Framer said...

I'm waiting on the logo. You can't be a contender without an impressive logo :)

I'm hoping to have something up by next week.