Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where No Congress Has Gone Before

Now you, too, can become a super sleuth from the comfort of your own home. Congress, which controls a budget of $2,784,000,000,000, just can't seem to come up with a solution for the border security crisis. But a handful of citizens figured something out and did it themselves in just a couple of years setting up mobile cameras along the border that anyone can access via the web. Somehow, I don't recall this in Gabby's "comprehensive plan." It looks like we've created a high tech world and elected a low tech congress.

Thanks to Iris for making this available. Here's the link to the KGUN-9 report:


Sirocco said...

Isn't expecting the government to secure the border for us a form of "socialized security"?

I say we cut taxes, don't spend a dime on border security, and let taxpayers spend their tax savings on the choice of what gun(s) to purchase to defend their homes with!

The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

Good catch on the post. I gotta think some razer wire would make it harder to cross anything from my back fence to the Berlin Wall. Razer wire is cheap.

x4mr said...

The cameras run $8K to $65K?

Someone's going to be angry when the illegals steal the cameras and sell them on eBay.

I can just see the guy in Montana at his computer, "They gettin' REAL close now!"

Framer said...

The best part is that there was an article sometime back that I read about the new fangled border cameras that the government was "demoing" locally. The largest drawbacks were that these cameras tended to function inconsistently in areas where it was extremely hot, or very cold.

Next stop for installation, the Arizona Desert, and the Canadian border.

Face it, a stylish 40 foot brick wall from pacific to the Gulf done in the tasteful red brick of Wrigley Field with fancy wrought iron inlays would end up being cheaper than whatever technological scheme the feds will come up with.

I'm not saying that is what we should do, just that it would be cheaper than what we are going to end up with.