Monday, May 19, 2008

Joe Higgins Mystery Unraveled

As it turns out, Al Melvin is exonerated as the accused spoiler in Joe Higgins challenge of Ann Day for District 1 County Supervisor. An insignificant party member known for similar tactics in other races attempted to undermine both campaigns simultaneously by casting Higgins and Melvin as conspirators and taking advantage of a left-wing blogger in the process.

Joe Higgins real support is coming from the Pima County business community looking for relief from the County Board of Supervisors that have frustrated them for years.

This race could get very interesting considering Higgins' support and the attention he is getting from the humorous allegations surrounding his decision to run.


Anonymous said...

So who is the "insignificant party member?"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, name the "Maverick"...guess it's the wrong blog for that.

AZAce said...

He's in a precarious position, so we'll give him a break today.