Monday, May 12, 2008

Put the Money In the Classroom FIrst

A letter from Robert Rice, head of the Arizona School Boards Association, bemoans the loss of tax revenue to pay for school utilities. There's no question that the loss of revenue could have a devastating effect on schools if the legislature and school districts aren't smart about the use of funds. It's time to do some real soul-searching and decide what's most important for kids to learn.

If reading is still the biggest learning obstacle for most Arizona kids, let's direct resources there. Instead of an all-day kindergarten that is costing $250 million and already proven across the country to yield no sustained results, let's take our money and invest some of it in materials to teach reading. Let's set up a volunteer corp and train them to work with teachers and teach every child to read. It only takes a matter of weeks at 30 minutes a day to teach a child to read. With a fraction of the all-day kindergarten resources this problem could be solved and free up money for other school needs.

As Trent Humphries says, "Put the money where it most matters: with the kids and the teachers. And let the principals be the ones out selling candy bars."

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