Monday, May 05, 2008

Trent Humphries Hosts Health Care Forum

On Tuesday, May 6, at 7 PM Trent Humphries, Republican candidate for Arizona House of Representatives, and a panel of medical experts are gathering in a public forum to discuss the healthcare crisis facing seniors and families in Southern Arizona. The forum will be held at 13101 N Oracle Rd inside the Northwest Rancho Vistoso Outpatient and Urgent Care Facility.

Confirmed forum panelists include David Schwartz, Medical Director of Northwest Medical Center, Shawn Strash, CEO of Northwest Oro Valley Medical Center, Dale Pelton, Executive Director of Valley Health Care and Rehabilitation and Arizona Healthcare Association board member, and Fred Fiastro, a prominent pulmonologist and Pima Medical Society board member.

When asked why he was hosting this forum Humphries said, "Southern Arizona is losing doctors. This is a fact that goes largely unreported. It’s important because all of the health insurance in the world is useless if there is not a doctor available to treat you when you need it."

Southern Arizona is rapidly becoming a place where finding good medical care is difficult if not impossible. Tucson currently has a severe shortage of neurosurgeons, OB/GYNs, and emergency room doctors. Tucson has only one remaining trauma center and dangerously long wait times at emergency care facilities. One doctor said it this way, “Don’t become seriously injured in the city of Tucson because there might not be doctor to treat you."

Seating is limited, so please plan to arrive a few minutes early. If you would like further information about the forum please call Kevin Herring at 520-465-8594.


Anonymous said...

It may be because this place is no longer a good place to live and to work...

and we have some bad doctors too.

GOP Boomer Gal said...

Not to mention predatory tort lawyers.

Sirocco said...

Every doctor is going to make many, many mistakes during his or her career. It's a side-effect of being human. The difficulty is in determining which mistakes are mistakes and which ones are truly negligent/careless/etc.

I've been reading two book this week, Complications and Better (the latter is a sequel to the former), which discuss some of the many difficulties faced by those within the medical profession, and both make excellent reading for anyone interested.

Regardless, I think holding these forums is an excellent idea by Trent, and I hope they go well.

Anonymous said...

Healthcare in this country is a joke and an insult to it citizens! I’m a 39 years old who never had any serious health issues, while working there always money been taking out of paycheck regarding health insurance that I never used; lately however, after I lost my job and just when I started looking for a new job I wake up very ill, when I rushed to the ER they told me (with an attitude of an anti smokers) I got Pneumonia because of smoking; and they gave me a one week antibiotic prescription that had nothing to do with what I was suffering from, I kept getting worse and went back to that hospital again, a different Dr. told me that I didn’t get this from smoking” rather from breathing the bacteria through the air and he gave me another prescription for stronger antibiotics. What bothers me is that they kept asking why I went back there and not followed up with a follow up Dr. they referred me to before? I said well you know I don’t have insurance and the Dr. you referred me to is a private Dr. who won’t even accept AHCCCS insurance and I don’t have money to pay him in advance and that’s why I come back to the ER): … and this very rude nurse said to me, well this place is not free either do you understand that?! :( ..And I’m like wow! I just cant believe what I’m hearing.
Anyway, they made me spend the little savings I had on pills that does nothing to even relieve the extreme pain I’m in than they had the nerves to tell me the ER is not free?!
However after two weeks in wrong medication/imperfect diagnosis I get to the point of thinking that I was going to die from this sickness and went to another Emergency room on a different hospital, thankfully that ER was fair and they Admitted me into hospital immediately, after a week of diagnosis they found that I have a VALLEY FEVER type of pneumonia and subscribed me the right pills for that sickness, and at least the follow up Dr. they referred me to is one who actually saw me on that hospital several times.
However, getting a state healthcare insurance to follow up with this Dr. for 6 month is another nightmare: DES: they want you to come there physically even if you cant walk; the process take up to 45 days for approval. After I was released from hospital I went to the DES office and gave them everything they need they told me will take two days to go through the system, after a week I get a call from my follow up doctor’s office requesting information about my AHCCCS… so I called the AHCCCS for status on my application and was told I’m not even on the system yet ); than I called the DES office and the lady who’s in charged of my application said she haven’t finished it yet and she have 45 days to do that. I said well the other day you told me is going to take two days to go through the system and now you telling me you have 45 days to do that?

I mean wow!… What If I didn’t have any money to pay for the medication subscribed to me and as a result I wont be able to obtain and take that medication between now and than? Do you think I have 45 days to live with this serious illness if I don’t take my medication for 45 days? Do you really think people should die before they can get any help from AHCCCS???

With all do respect this the worse healthcare system in the world to say the leas!

stephen said...

very true Health Care has been a big joke in our country it should have been a basic citizen right.

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