Friday, May 02, 2008

Spotted in the Northwest

It was Nancy Young Wright herself who showed up at tonight's big homeowner's association meeting gathering signatures to run for office and get on the ballot for the LD26 state position she temporarily holds. Speculation continues as to whether or not she can get enough to qualify.


Anonymous said...

First, it's wishful thinking on your part if you think Nancy Young Wright won't have enough signatures to qualify.

True she's a little busy right now, what with being in Phoenix doing the job you and she both want, but she's a good candidate with solid experience and a lot of friends who want to see her win.

Second, I'm not sure why you're amazed that she showed up herself to ask for petition signatures. That's what cadidates are supposed to do - and which, to your credit, I understand you are doing as well.

See you in September.

AZAce said...

Nancy was very focused that night with a specific goal that she apparently achieved. She is clearly working hard which she needs to do having been tied up in the legislature for several months. Despite the speculation, I have no doubt she will get her signatures.

Sirocco said...


Just as a side note, AZAce, who made the post, is NOT Trent Humphries, the follow who started this blog and is running in LD 26.

I believe Trent has taken a sabbatical from posting here while running his campaign.