Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bruce Ash message on Harry Reid

Thanks to Bruce again for sending along his latest editorial.

If there is interest in adding more audio content in addition to Bruce, and perhaps even longer podcast interviews and such, please let us know and we'll see what could be done.

The barrier to entry is not what it used to be for that type of operation. It could probably even be done on our budget.

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Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder why we are in Iraq and what exactly our soldiers are bleeding for. People may believe that we are there fighting terrorists who may be out to do us harm, keeping the forces of evil at bay, guarding America’s interests. People may believe this but it has been proven that there were no WMDs with the intent or threat to use on America in Iraq, there was no link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam, and Iraq was not a threat to US interests in the region.

Saddam keep a volatile region in check by force, with the removal of that force Bush created a vacuum which has inevitably forced us to entrench ourselves in the chaos experienced by Israel. In removing Saddam, Bush committed our country, our military, our soldiers to stabilizing the region, nation building, doing what Saddam couldn’t do by peace. Our soldiers are not there to protect us from terrorists, terrorism is a worldwide infection and the bulk of our commitment in one country cannot hold back the tide of global terrorism.

We say to ourselves, as Americans, no life of a foreign born national is worth the risk of a single American soldier. We tell ourselves this when we abstain from other conflicts not in America’s interests. Is an soldier’s life worth the risk of an Iraqi Democracy? If it is, those who stay have to be prepared for the reality of casualties exceeding if not equaling Vietnam. If it is not, those responsible must bear the blame for plunging the region into chaos.

I’d advocate for reducing the number of troops, leaving a residual force, bring Syria, Iran and Europe to the table, bring diplomacy to the fore. The alternative we have is bloodshed of masses. I long for the days of old when diplomacy was thought greater.