Monday, May 07, 2007

PAF Not a PAC?

This is another example of what Espresso Pundit referred to in his "Way Over the Line" post exposing the Project for Arizona's Future PAF) for what it is: a liberal PAC masquerading as a "moderate" public policy organization. There's no secret here. Spotlighting together in a mass mailer to LD26 voters the conjoined representatives Democrat Lena Seradnick and Republican Pete Hershberger, both from LD26, is a clear attempt to prepare voters for the next election cycle. It's certainly not coincidence that the two reps from the same district happened to appear on the mailer to voters in their district.

But don't expect liberal Democrat Terry Goddard to step up and protect the interests of state citizens from this group. He's way too connected. Major personalities from this group include Lauren Kryder and Kelly Ward who played principal roles in Harry Mitchell's campaign, Mark Bergman who was a spokesman for the Virginia Democrat Party, and PR person Tom Ziemba from John Edwards campaign staff. Even token cross-party member Republican Steve May is hardly a moderate in politics.

Although the PAF website is cleverly worded, reading statements written by it's leaders reveals that PAF generally positions itself to the left on an interesting array of issues. PAD supports amnesty for illegal aliens, opposes border security measures such as crossing barriers, opposed voter identification and proof of citizenship for voting, supported all-day kindersitting, supports more taxpayer funding for clean elections, supports a fraud-laden shift from in-person voting to all-mail voting, supports more statewide taxpayer funding for Phoenix downtown development projects, supports increased socialization of health care, opposes growth, supports light rail and greater public transportation subsidies, opposed tax cuts, and never saw a bond it didn't like.

As for candidates it supports? It seems conservatives are camera shy and never make it onto their campaign literature unless they have a target drawn on their mugs.

Not a PAC? If it quacks like a duck...

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