Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Democrats Out In Force

All indications are that Democrats are turning out in large numbers today. Traditional Republican strongholds in Oro Valley are reporting Democrats outnumbering Republicans by 3 to 1 in some precincts. No doubt, some of that is a result of the passion Democrats have for their candidates. Hillary is a love-her-or-hate-her candidate that brings people out either way. Many voters are reporting they changed their status from independent to Democrat so they could vote for Obama and Obama sign holders have been spotted at some polling places.It will be interesting to learn who at the end of the day was the recipient of the most passion.

On the Republican side, a cold morning, closed roads, low passion, and resulting low turnout probably bodes well for Romney and not so well for McCain. Again, time will tell.

The large numbers of voters showing up at the polls Tedski reported over at RR&R could be the result of high turnout, but may be the result of fewer polling places since many polling places are taking voters for two precincts. A high number of voters were said to have voted early, but that may apply mostly to the Dove Mountain and Sun City crowds.

Interestingly, Tedski reported that he was picked out of the crowd as a Republican. Was it his cardigan sweater, or the truck he was driving? :)


x4mr said...

I worked at a Wilmot / Speedway poll this morning, semi blue territory so perhaps not as meaningful, but Democrats totally outnumbered Republicans, more like 5 to 1.

Also, Democrats seemed upbeat, smiling, and it was neat to see some bring their little children with them.

The GOP voters seemed angry and upset. I don't know why. I only guess when I speculate they didn't like their choices. They didn't appear in the mood to share, so I didn't ask.

I do not exaggerate. Some of them looked VERY VERY upset. I've never seen anything quite like it. I have seen a lot of people vote. Usually they are either cheerful and chatty or rather secretive and quiet. Anger is new. You guys have any idea? Is it because they hate McCain?

Prudent-Man said...

Sounds like you were in the middle of some Orwellian world with all the dour Republicans. I had the opposite experience east of you. Folks lined up to sign petitions for two Bee's, Ford, and Arzoumanian. Very chatty, given it was chilly.

x4mr said...

My experience was replicated by several people up in Oro Valley, but of course I believe you. Obviously it depends on location.

Word on the street is that Giffords had massively more signature collectors than anyone. It's good that Bee made it to some places.

At first I thought "Where's Derek?" but then realized that since Independents cannot vote, it makes no sense for him to have people at the polls.

Arzoumanian is good people. I don't know who faces her, but she might be the only Republican I can support in 2008. I can't vote for Framer as I live in 28, not 26.