Friday, February 22, 2008

Getting Gassed

Those "nasty oil companies" are at it again. But this time, they're in court trying to defend themselves against consumers who resent paying gasoline priced at a temperature of 60 degrees. It turns out that when Arizona temperatures hit 120 degrees, you get a whole lot less gasoline dispensed for the price because the gasoline expands. Of course, our neighbors to the north get a bonus during those long Canadian winters when consumers benefit from more gas for the price. But the oil companies are wise to the Canadians. They're now putting temperature adjusting mechanisms in pumps up there so they make sure they get their due.

How did Governor Janet miss this opportunity when pounding the pulpit for gasoline rebates?

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Anonymous said...

This subject been reported on quite a bit over the last year or two. Arizona leads the nation in yet another dubious area: gas pump inaccuracy. Thanks again to our stellar executive branch for keeping their eye on the ball.