Saturday, February 23, 2008

Go Hillary!

Read Tedski's letter to Democrat Party Superdelegates with tales of Republican conspiracies and a cry of help for Hillary.

We only hope Tedski reveals the names of Republican conspirators he says he's withholding so we can call in and report on Medved's Conspiracy Day program.

UPDATE: AZAce is clearly suffering from a severe case of Tedski-itis. After falling asleep in the middle of Ben-Hur, he awakened from a nightmare of thousands of toga-clad Tedskis swarming the collosseum in homage to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. For a day or two, he was seeing Tedskis on every blog site. Please accept our apologies for Aces' condition, and particularly to Tedski the unfortunate casualty of Aces' ranting, who we hope will never experience this malady.


Sirocco said...

What makes you think that is from Tedski? I must be missing something.

Anonymous said...

Time for Ace to see the eye doctor. This letter is from a Toddsly in Michigan. Tedski is an Obama backer, by the way.

x4mr said...

Tedski has nothing to do with this.

I don't know who Toddsly is, but he's an idiot. His article flies in the face of common sense and then some.

Obama can beat McCain. Clinton probably cannot. After yesterday's hypocritical "Shame on you!" I'm not sure she can even retain her seat in the senate.

Anonymous said...

Take it back, man! Appologies not necessary assuming an honest mistake.