Monday, February 11, 2008

When the Toll Comes Due

So what happens when Gabby Gifford's largest contributor, Emily's List, comes a callin' wanting her super delegate vote for to be cast for Clinton?

It appears that they're just not that into Obamamania.

And should Gabby defy them and move toward Obama, will Emily's List look toward supporting other women candidates with like minded goals instead?

I would not suspect Giffords to be an early endorser. Why start with the courage now?


Sirocco said...

Why endorse now? The AZ primary is over ... it's not like her vote is going to carry a ton of sway with the other superdelegates (which holds true for most of them) ... so why not wait and see?

East Valley Reporter said...

There is no way Gabby will endorse Obama even if she wanted to.

A woman who is very close to Hillary and Bill Clinton lives in Tucson. Her name is Joan Kay Cauthorne. Gabby is beholden to her and you can bet she will be with Hillary.

Anonymous said...

If Ms. Giffords stays true to form, she will not announce support for any candidate, just as she refuses to answer any question on any issue.

Anonymous said...

If I were her advisor, I would tell her not to endorse and then to cast my vote with whomever wins the most delegates in the state primaries and caucuses. You can't argue with that. Let the best candidate win and the winner gets the spoils.

I would even declare it now. My vote is up for the winner. Good luck ya'll!

Emily's list just can't fault her for that one...nor can Obama supporters.

Liza said...

Emily's List makes me want to puke. Have they got any reason for endorsing Clinton other than she is a woman?

Anonymous said...

Hell no Liza...hahahahhaa. Their stated purpose is to elect female candidates to office. That said, I find diversity admirable. After all, there are only what 3 or 4 females in all of the US Senate? There is something...not be said about diversity and symbols.

Liza said...

I am very much in favor of electing female candidates to office. Just give me the Napolitanos and keep your Clintons, that is all I ask.

Anonymous said...

Oh heavens...don't say "my" Clintons (smile). I voted Obama...and cringe...I am waiting for anger...have sent him 5 donations now.

AZAce said...


It looks like you better send a couple more.

Liza said...

Yeah, Hillary is at it again. Now she has an attack ad running in Wisconsin attacking Obama for not having a debate there. "Maybe he would rather give speeches than answer questions."

Well, there have been 18 debates so far so maybe it had something to do with his schedule.

Now that Hillary is losing, I suspect she would just as soon take the Democratic party down with her as long as there is the slightest chance in hell that she can still pull this off.

The Clintons make me sick. It's like watching a train wreck that repairs itself enough to go on and have another wreck. Why doesn't retirement appeal to the Clintons? I thought is was part of the American Dream.

Anonymous said...


haha I have to save money for Giffords, Kirkpatrick, Mitchell and Lord (grin).


They will do most anything to hold on to power.

The funny thing is that the ad goes in Wisconsin and I think she may have not even visited the state. She rumbles along in Texas and Ohio, doing the Bill/Hillary swap state by state.

If she wins Ohio and goes on...I hope he can put her away this time...a win in one of those two states will put her campaign to bed for good.

Liza said...

Based on my recent research, Obama is expected to landslide Hawaii (where he grew up) and most Wisconsin polls show him in the lead by at least 4 points. I found one poll with Clinton in the lead by some ridiculous amount (almost 20 points) and that poll was actually quoted in some of the big city Ohio newspapers including the Columbus Dispatch.

No one seems to think that Texas is going to be a big win in delegates for either Obama or Hillary because of how the districts have been gerrymandered (by Republicans.)

The gem they both covet, at the moment, is Ohio. If Hillary were to lose big in Ohio, that really should be the end of it, as you say.

However, she has vowed that she will go as far as the convention, no matter what. She is also fighting to have Florida and Michigan's delegates counted.

Also, someone removed Bill's muzzle and he is back to attacking Obama 24/7 along with Hillary. They should get their story straight. Hillary attacks Obama for giving great speeches that say nothing. Bill is currently attacking Obama's healthcare saying he leaves too many uninsured where Hillary will cover everyone. Doesn't that imply that Obama is saying something?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Liza. I remain hopeful, but very nervous.