Friday, September 01, 2006

Breaking News

First on Arizona Eighth. . .

It seems that Frank Antenori, Randy Graf, Mike Hellon, and Mike Jenkins have called a joint press announcement for Tuesday, September 5 at 11:00 am at the at the Reid Park Doubletree Hotel. The topic of the announcement has yet to be addressed.

If I were a gambling man, however, I might place money on this being a protest about the way that Steve Huffman and his backers have turned this campaign into a cesspool of innuendo and sour grapes desperation. This discussion may include the NRCC who seems to be doing their level best to alienate District 8 Republican voters and guarantee this seat falls into Democratic hands, something which most of their contributors no doubt would oppose. It may also have something to do with the extreme interference in the electoral process by Jim Click who seems to be a bit miffed that the candidate that he bought and paid for is likely to lose, despite the enormous sums of money that he has arranged to be funneled to Huffman, but be excluded from Hellon.

Or, it could be a little Tuesday morning quarterbacking over tomorrow night's football game coupled with predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Fantasy football picks will be available on a subscriber only basis.

Probably one of the two.


Anonymous said...

The Blogs will cover it and then the press will pick it up.

My guess is that with the people holding the press conference the MSM will actually show.

Framer said...

If it were four candidates that were behind in the polls, it may be an afterthought. However, with Graf leading and there being very little room between Huffman and Hellon, I would imagine it will be worth showing up to, especially as it is kind of a unique situation in Tucson area politics. I would suspect this may be aimed at a more national audience rather than the local media, thus the larger lead in time until the announcement.

I also hear that Jenkins went 96-18 against the spread last year, so I would keep a sharp eye on his predictions for the coming season, especially his lock of the week :)

Anonymous said...

There is a candidate in Southern Arizona running for Congressional District 8 that has carried his campaign to the voters without the influence of big money and has shown that he knows the issues and knows what it will take to get the job done for southern Arizona.

His name is Mike Jenkins. He has attended events and impressed his constituents right along with those other candidates that have the financial backing of large companies and big business. Mike Jenkins has consistently spread his message to the voters and the voters have talked with Mike Jenkins and have seen that he is what they are, everyday Americans that want the best for America. They are concerned about the flow of illegal aliens and health care and education, just as he is.
Mike Jenkins has shown the voters that he wants to go to Congress to enrich not to get rich. He has shown the voters that he is not trying to smear others with remarks that are derogatory, but rather to tell people that he has a better way to get things done. This is the true American way, to accomplish your deeds through honor, integrity, and pride, not by trying to glorify yourself and smearing others.
Mike Jenkins is not trying to make a news story that sells papers; he is trying to make the news by telling the people what can be done to make southern Arizona and America a better place to live.
I invite you to examine Mike Jenkins web site If you should have additional questions or concerns you would like to discuss further, contact Mike Jenkins at He is the kind of candidate that responds to the peoples concerns.

David Blevins

Anonymous said...


Your comments are right on but one small point is in order. The national party is the RNC. The group backing Huffman is the NRCC. They are a separate and distinct group not directly answerable to the RNC.

As a conservative I would love to see Graf win but Hellon has run an excellent campaign and I believe is a man of honor. He would probably make a fairly decent congressman.

It is too bad that certain people did not back Mike and have instead wasted their money tearing apart the party by backing flashlight boy.

Anonymous said...

If the four GOP candidates come to the press conference wearing trechcoats and shades, that would be priceless.

Even up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! "Teenage" for the Huffman mailer depicting Graf as a "dangerous teenager," the "mutant" would be for the way the Click money has mutated into a LACK of support for his chosen candidate and the "ninja" a paean to slippery, dark characters skulking aroung the backyards of political opponents.

Oh...and the "turtles" would pay homage to how all of them will need to duck back into their shells when Giffords takes this seat in November!

Anonymous said...

You guys run a nice blog. You seem to have some insider information but your research department sucks compared to Sonoran Alliance. They just found out who the real Steve Huffman is.

Anonymous said...

You need to think of a new name for your blog. Something like, "Arizona Republican 8th". Last time I checked, there were two races in this primary. I came here looking for commentary on both races, but there are only scraps of commentary on the Dem primary, in which you refer to Gabrielle Giffords by the diminutive "Gabby". Too bad you only cover half the race. Those interested in the Dem primary should steer clear of this blog.

Framer said...


pick any of the blog links on the right and most of them will contain commentary from the left (except 4 & 6)

I get a lot of liberals on this site who seem to like what I do, and all of them refer to Ms. Giffords as Gabby as well.

Sorry to disappoint you.

x4mr said...

Just want to echo framer's remarks and add that it is your job, bookmobile, the find the content you want.

This is framer's blog. He can name it whatever he wants and he can post whatever he wants.

framer is also correct about the use of "Gabby." It is very common, she uses it herself, and any diminutive aspect, if it ever existed, is gone.

Saw a Graf ad hitting Huffman today, and any CD 8 junkies like me might want to head over to RRR for a rather interesting comment by a blogger named at the thread under the anti-Huffman ad entry.

Framer said...


Saw a snippet of that ad, looks like a continuation of his "teenager" flyer. Want to see it again in its entirety before I comment.

I also saw the post by 206iscancer, and it pretty much jibes with what I have heard on the matter, especially the part about Adam Deguire. many of these background connections are pretty damning and not something I wanted to run with single-sourced, so I haven't reported it until I got more confirmation. There are also a few other connections that 206iscancer left out that figure into the whole affair.

All of this could possibly be part of the press announcement tomorrow, so I suppose I should get ahead of the news cycle and report what I know. However, I have actually done a decent job with my credibility so far so I will probably wait until I can further confirm what I have heard.

It does sound like I need to put 206iscancer on the payroll however. Or at least get him to post on my site :)

x4mr said...

The Graf ad hitting Huffman that I saw today is at Graf's website here.

x4mr said...

Sorry, for some reason that link doesn't work, but just go his site and it is featured prominently with the title "Empty Desk."

Anonymous said...

Sonoran Alliance has a prediction for tomorrow’s press conference.