Friday, September 08, 2006

New on Arizona 8th: Images!!

As promised, here is the image of the infamous Bush photograph in Randy Graf's office that was turned upside down:

It's not really what I had envisioned either.

And don't be expecting fancy things like images and such on this blog in the future. I almost made this image black and white on principle alone.


Anonymous said...

What’s wrong with images? We use them all the time on Sonoran Alliance.

Here are some of my favorites. Post about the flashlight ad. This one is priceless. Another favorite. This one says it all. The all time classic.

Anonymous said...

The photo isn't what you envisioned because liar Huffman has been filling the airwaves and your mailbox with ads containing images of upside down official portraits of President Bush misleading you and everyone else to believe that Graf had up-ended an official portrait.

The disturbing thing is that while Graf inverted a personal photograph of himself with President Bush and maybe a handful of people saw it before it was turned upright, Huffman has paid thousands and thousands of dollars to broadcast and publish and mail upside down portraits of President Bush during a time of war. And thousands and thousands of people have seen the upside down portrait of the President that Huffman has paid for them to see. Talk about disrespect!! To make it worse, Huffman is inverting the portrait of the President as part of a crass, power mad, smear campaign against a good, conservative Republican.

In truth, what Graf did barely deserves notice. Huffman's crime is exponentially worse.

Anonymous said...

So should we plan to address her as Rep. Giffords, Rep. Gabby or just "The Winner"?

You Huffman bashers are hell bent on giving away this seat aren't you?

I find that exponentially worse than any campaign mail pieces.

Anonymous said...

Steve Huffman is Jim Click’s bitch and would do nothing to help the people of Southern Arizona.