Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Extreme Candidate

The day speedily cometh where we will mention Steve Huffman no more.


Steve Huffman is a petulant twelve-year-old.

I was joking with Mike Hellon, who had a rather good, if a little somber, party last night that I couldn't find the location of the Huffman victory party on his website. I figured that the Jim Click living room was being used for another function so the party was called off. What I later learned, however, was that the truth was stranger than my joking. Steve Huffman sat at home, watching the returns on his television, and kicked the members of the press out once it became apparent that he was not going to win.

Classic Huffman. Do you think maybe that those volunteers that were walking for him, working his campaign, or donating money to support him would have liked to see some form of thanks for their efforts? Nope, it was, and always has been, about him. Had he won, there would have been few to share the glory with. When he lost, there was nobody left to see him cry.

But it gets worse. At 8:00 after the polls had closed, Steve was still running negative ads against Graf, at least according to my television set.

And finally, to my knowledge, Steve has never called to concede or congratulate Graf, who had the temerity to challenge his superiority by not conceding before the election and ran a gentlemanly campaign, considering the slime-soaked innuendo that comprised almost the entirety of the Huffman campaign. Graf did nothing to earn the disdain shown him by Huffman.

When we keep hearing about "electability" keep in mind who this man was. It wasn't to long ago that civility and honor were a large part of our culture. If keeping the Republican seat meant giving up those principles, than it just wasn't worth it. For what it is worth, I saw those qualities in every Republican candidate save one.

And he will be resigned to the dustbin of history. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


x4mr said...

Not sure if I will ever know or understand what Huffman and his "inner group" were thinking, save that cash and TV alone win an election.

This primary is a resounding affirmation that to get elected requires hands shaking hands, faces talking to faces, and hard work. As I said yesterday, no one can say that Graf did not earn this nomination. It is rightfully his.

He now faces an opponent infinitely more fordimable than Steve Huffman.

Anonymous said...

You and Steve Huffman. Let's see, one plus one is two.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the post about Huffman supposedly not conceding and demanding the early ballots be counted?