Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Official Joint Statement Press Release

I attended the press announcement and will have more about this later, including statements from the candidates individually. However, I do need to get some personal capitolism taken care of before I can do that. In the meantime, here is the official joint release:


September 5, 2006

"Today, we, four of the five Republican candidates for Congress in Arizona's Eighth District take a bold step to jointly declare our unified outrage at the highly unusual actions taken by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to openly support one candidate, Steve Huffman, in this Republican primary.

On March 30, 2006, RNC Chairman Ken Mehiman visited Tucson to attend a local party fundraiser. During his visit, Mehlman held a private meeting with the five declared candidates for Congress or their representatives. Present at that meeting were Frank Antenori, Randy Graf, Mike Hellon, and Mike Jenkins. Steve Huffman sent a representative, his former treasurer, Bill Arnold. At that private meeting, Mehlman made it clear that the national Republican Party would stay out of the primary race, promising to help whomever the voters of the Eighth Congressional District chose as their candidate for Congress in the upcoming General Election. Those sentiments were echoed by NRCC officials during private meetings in Washington, D.C. with some candidates in this race. Sadly, the promises that were made have been broken.

Additionally, the funds expended by the NRCC are monies reserved to defeat Democrats in the fall, and are not used to work against other Republican candidates in the primary. That right is usually - and should always be - reserved for the voters. What's more, these funds are raised from hardworking Republicans across the country, folks who support Republican principles. These donors would be shocked to know that their contributions are being used to defeat credible Republican candidates here in Arizona. We call on the NRCC to immediately stop using Republican fundraising dollars to defeat fellow Republicans. This primary campaign should remain above the belt and outside the Beltway.

We want the people of Congressional District Eight to know that this seat is not for sale. We trust the voters to choose their Republican nominee - not Washington special interests."

Contact Information:

Frank Antenori for Congress
Matt Neely, (520) 419-0609

Randy Graf for Congress
R.T. Gregg, (520) 877-2984

Mike Hellon for Congress
George Gobble, (520) 319-8217

Mike Jenkins for Congress
Lauren Blevins, (520) 403-7973


Anonymous said...

Seems the Republicans have more guts than the Democrats. The DCCC, DLC and other organizations have been funneling money to one Democratic candidate over the other. The local Party sends out two newsletter announcements for an event endorsing one candidate giving thousands of voters the impression the Party endorsed one candidate over the rest, just days before the primary.

Such is politics.

Bruce P. Murchison said...

Bravo. Thanks for having the guts to take a united stand on principle. Having respect for each other as candidates and trusting the voters to make the right choice speaks volumes of your character.

Bruce P. Murchison said...
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Anonymous said...

Whine, whine, whine...

Huffman is the only Republican candidate who can win the general election and it just pisses the conservatives off no end when everyone doesn't goosestep to their beat.

Randy Graf will get his ass handed to him by any Democrat in the general and despite all his whining about the NRCC, they are just trying to maintain a majority in the House.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous the most passionate voice at the press conference was Mike Hellon. Are you calling him a goose-stepping conservative? Because if you are you have lost all credibility.

206iscancer you bet Huffman was thrown off by the Bill Arnold clone at the Access Tucson forum. When Steve walked in the door to the event and saw the guy holding an official Huffman campaign flashlight he was dumbfounded. Kolbe and Click did not prepare him for a hostile electorate. All of the swank parties in the foothills never had a dissenting voice.