Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Welcome New Blog

Longtime reader and poster (by this blog's standards) x4mr has started his own blog.

His initial offerings are pretty good. Make sure that we all get out to support him;

even if he is an unapologetic lefty :)

Sustainability, Equity, Development: A Quest for Context and Meaning

First up, a reader contest for a shorter more pithy name.


Framer said...

Look like they just linked to a US News and World Report article by Angie C. Marek (a real diciple of the Riech.)

You have actually proved a link between Graf and the KKK, excellent sluething!

And the fact that the national press is involved as well is the real shocker!

Framer said...

Oh, and x4mr I'm serious about that name. You need a link-friendly abbreviation.

Or just a symbol like Prince, or whatever we call him now.

x4mr said...

Thanks for the tip. Will try to think of something short and creative. Might take a few days.

Will skip the Prince thing.

Tedski got his to RRR. I'll come up with something.

BTW--added a link to AZ8th.

Just getting started.

Framer said...

While you are at it, I may need a new name after November.

Now you went and ran off with my first choice :)

Then again, I'm leaning toward retirement.