Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Murtha Is "Leader of the Pork"

John R. Wilke from the Wall Street Journal reports that Congressman John Murtha (D., PA)—whose potty mouth restricts him to interviews with Blog for Arizona :)—hits number one on the charts for "Leader of the Pork." He even slipped past Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) who managed to hang on to fourth place.

Read in the article about how defense earmarks are unabashedly redirected into other non-defense programs. Of course, I'm sure the money received under the table has NO impact on the decisions of our congressmen in the matter of promoting and re-directing earmarks.

Despite the fact that the voting public not surprisingly expressed their outrage over corruption and out-of-control spending by voting out the GOP, it seems those who rode the wave in missed the memo since four of the top six porkers are Democrats. And what was that approval rating, again?

On a positive note, even though Jerry Lewis (R., CA) picked up third place., we're happy to report Dean Martin, Arizona State Treasurer, has kept his distance from Jerry and maintains a stellar reputation in his office. (Sorry, it was a weak attempt).


Sirocco said...

Yeah, whatever party has the majority gets most of the pork, and Murtha has long been (in)famous in this regard.

As for those Congressional approval ratings, check them out by party and then come tell me how you feel about them.

AZAce said...

According to CNN, "Democrats who control Congress still face a disapproval rating of 51 percent." Let's face it, when Pelosi appoints Cash-In-The-Freezer Jefferson to a committee entrusted with government secrets, congressional Dems continue to push spending to new heights, and Democrats lead the Pork Pack, it's hard for voters to feel anything has improved. The door swings both ways for Democrats as well as for Republicans. Republicans lost for a reason. Is there any reason to believe that doesn't apply to the Democrats? I wouldn't expect a major shift in power like last year, but I also don't expect voters to gleefully look to extend more power to the Democrats. They haven't shown an ability to make good on their promises for positive change.

Sirocco said...

Oh, absolutely .. that's still a great deal better than Republicans in Congress do.

Again, if you probe into the reasons WHY Democrats in Congress fare so poorly, it's not for any of the reasons you cite - it's because they are not perceived as doing nearly enough to rein in the administration, in particular regarding Iraq.

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