Friday, September 15, 2006

Huffman Concession

Nice to see that an adult finally got to Steve and let him know what is expected when you lose an election, especially if you ever hope to have a future in politics again. I suspect that Steve felt that he could blow the concession off and never intended to acknowledge Graf at all.

The text and method of delivery speaks volumes. Is it normal that a concession is delivered to a single member of the media as an email? I would suspect that Scarpinato was preparing an article to slam Huffman, and had requested comment. This was more of an attempt to avoid scrutiny than to actually leave with honor and class.

The text of the message is vague and passive, almost brooding. He makes it clear that he intends to make no active effort to help Graf. The damage done by his campaign to the Republican nomination has been very great, and he will need to do more if he ever intends to run in this area again. His weak quasi-concession is not a good start.

It is, however, much better than the bitter, self-serving performance of Jim Kolbe, who seems to think the "big tent" is only applicable to those who fall into his bigoted preferences.

And yes, I wrote and meant "bigoted."


Anonymous said...

I am still going with my prediction that Huffman moves out of the area, probably out of state.

quittin' time said...


Probably not yet. Toni Hellon's termed out of the state Senate in 2008. I wouldn't be surprised (or pleased) to see him make a run for her seat.

Framer said...

quittin' time,

Actually Toni was defeated in the primary by Al Melvin. Steve's current district has become more conservative on the senate side. I'm not sure he would be viable as a state senate candidate in two years running against Melvin.

I could see him possibly moving to Tucson proper and taking a look at the city council, however.

Anonymous said...

While he is moving to Tucson he could re-register as a Democrat.

Randall Holdridge said...

I'm sure the Democrats would be glad to have Steve Huffman ... and his friends, their money, and their contacts.

You know, because Democrats are a big tent, broad spectrum political party.

That's why Giffords will beat Graf.

TruthHurts said...

Huffman has NO friends, NO money, and NO contacts. The only reason had those things during his campaign is b/c Click and Kolbe wanted a boy toy lackey that they could push around, who they could make do their bidding up in Washington. Now that Huffman is defeated, they'll toss him back into the cesspool he came from as if they never knew him.

And you Dems can feel free to have him. It speaks volumes for your party that you accept this kind of mud-slinging, lying, toadying scum as a legitimate part of your "broad spectrum" and "big tent". We conservatives don't put up with liars, mud-slingers, or bought-off lackeys. Apparently they fit right in with you.

x4mr said...

Me thinks me smells previews of coming attractions.

I think Huffman's failure to rise to the occasion and make good use of the resources devoted to his cause is a virtual nail in his coffin locally.

Would you throw your energy, money, and personal capital behind this guy?

I don't get how anyone could have confidence in his ability to win an election after this debacle, including democrats.

By the way, saw the first (or one of the first) NRCC hit pieces on Giffords. It was all about taxes.

x4mr said...

Forgot to mention in above post the candidates updated websites. Graf has of course updated his front page to reflect victory.

Antoneri has a nice front page letter of thanks and support for a Republican victory in November.

Hellon's is unchanged.

Check out Huffman's!

quittin' time said...

Sorry, Framer. I knew that. It's been a long week.

I received a hit piece on Huffman from the AZ Dem Party today. They must be having a long week, too.

cc burro said...

truthhurts--Us DEMS don't want him either! Back-stabbing, mush-mouthed politicos are NOT welcome. Huffman can go form his own party with Ney and Abramoff.

How stupid for the RNCC/Kolbe to back Huffman. He has zero charisma, zero inspiration potential. Vapid and flaccid are the words that readily come to mind.

It was particularly hilarious to see the ad informing me that Huffman was the REAL conservative!

SamSteiger said...

Now it's time for some ads exposing Giffords as a far left feminazi who wants to open our border to all comers and give them free welfare and abortions.

cc burro said...

samsteiger--You're exaggerating. Giffords is as far to the left as Randy is to the right. She is no communist and Randy is no fascist.

truthhurts said...

cc burro-

I agree with both of your last two statements. You and I may not agree on what we ought to be doing politically, but I'm glad we are at least on the same page when it comes to not appreciating amoral candidates who are willing to do anything to get elected and that we stick to issues instead of name calling.

pinkiris said...

YESSS! Let's have an honest campaign. The push polls have already begun. It repeats all the low-blow garbage used by Kolbe and warmed over by Huffman. Warmed over sh__ still stinks. It was a 20 minute rant and included ONE negative statement about Giffords. WOW, was I fooled! BTW, they added one NEW negative saying Randy doesn't play well with others. So much for an intelligent campaign. It is CLEAR that Giffords people have less confidence in her ISSUES than they would have us all believe.

h@x0r said...

The Huffman's have revealed just how much of a RINO they are, how just how bad their character is. This is an excerpt from today's AZ Daily Star article:

"Letty Huffman likes Giffords
Outside of Bono, perhaps the most interesting action at the Kolbe event was in the back of the room.
As the crowd funneled out of the room, District 8 candidate Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat, and her boyfriend, astronaut Mark Kelly, were answering questions about last-minute campaigning when Republican Steve Huffman and wife Letty stopped by to say hello. Three days before the election, Huffman and Giffords wished each other luck.
Then Letty made a dead-on prediction that Giffords would win the primary, and assured the former lawmaker her whole family would be voting Giffords come Election Day.
Way to put civility before politics — or politics before family, depending on how you look at it. "

Randall Holdridge said...

All are welcome in the Democratic party. Steve Huffman, your wife Letty, children, parents, nieces and nephews, in-laws, all relatives and friends of any kind. Welcome aboard! We're having an election here, and in the booth, every vote, thank God and the Supreme Court, is equal.

Gabrielle Giffords for United States House of Representatives!