Saturday, September 09, 2006

Is Arizona Eighth Blog Deceiving the Public?

This was bound to happen sooner or later:

For immediate release:

Arizona Eighth Blog is Hiding its TRUE beliefs!

Arizona Eighth is a blog. Did you know that Howard Dean used the internet and blogs to raise money during the 2004 Presidential Campaign? Howard Dean is now in charge of the Democratic National Committee. Blogs are a part of his overall strategy. The DNCC under the control of Howard Dean has made advertisements criticizing Steve Huffman's record. Arizona Eighth blog has accused Steve Huffman of negative campaigning. The Arizona Eighth blog is working hand in hand to spread the lie that Steve Huffman is refusing to campaign on the issues, and is spending his time and resources trying to tear down his opponents instead. Can that be a coincidence?

Arizona Eighth is hiding its Muslim Fundamentalist fanaticism

Traditional Muslim law prohibits the printing of images associated with the prophet Muhammad and other pictorial references of their religion. Instead, they rely on ornately inscribed text in their tomes and mosques. The Arizona Eighth Blog has never published pictures of Mohammad. In fact they do not publish images at all. This could be argued as a very extreme form of fundamentalism. This is certainly very disturbing and not representative of the beliefs of Arizona CD-8.

Arizona Eighth Blog is run by a man named "Framer" who is more than likely a criminal.

While a framer could be understood as an individual who builds the outside and inside structure of a house using a hammer and a lot of sweat, it also has a darker, more sinister meaning. A "framer" could also be somebody that accuses another of a crime that they themselves have committed. Obviously, since this individual prefers to remain anonymous he has something to hide. Likely, if given a chance he would burn a religious symbol on YOUR private property as criminals often do. Is this the kind of person we need running a blog in Southern Arizona!!

Please note that this is a parody and is not Paid for by Huffman for Congress


x4mr said...

The arguments proving your fanatical Muslim roots are uncannily similar in linguistic flow and logistic structure to those of the Weiss campaign's proof that NRCC push polled against her and Giffords is in fact a Walmart operative.

A "framer" is also a master conversationalist capable of crafting or shifting the context of conversations as depicted in this text.

When this is over, framer, we should have a drink.

Anonymous said...

Framer, Please put the cocktail down...while humorous, your satire finishes quite dry.

x4mr said...

Well, anon, would assert that for 11 PM on a Saturday you are the one who is rather dry.

Next Saturday evening consider having four of these while enjoying one of these.

Skip church.

FEDUP said...

x4mr, since you are a Giffords supporter, what do you think of the Latas Die for a Lie ad that is running?

If you haven't seen it you can view it on his website under "ads" said...

In a brief scan, I didn't see this covered anywhere, but this is interesting. Apparently, Huffman and his handlers/owners are in a huff over the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Political Action Committee (MCDC PAC) running ads telling the truth about Huffman. So, in another hugely hypocritical move, Huffman and his handlers/owners are trying to stop the Minutemen from telling the truth about their boy.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2006
CONTACT: Rick Shaftan (973) 726-8114

-- The Truth Hurts

Lawyers supporting embattled Congressional candidate Steve Huffman are attempting to force ads attacking the liberal GOP hopeful’s record off the air, according to documents supplied to MCDC PAC this afternoon.

Cox Cable representatives forwarded a letter sent to them by a Phoenix lawyer threatening the cable system with a libel suit if they continue to run MCDC PAC ads supporting conservative Randy Graf over the liberal Huffman.

“The truth hurts,” said Chris Simcox who founded the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and who serves as honorary MCDC PAC chair. “Every word in our ads is true and Huffman knows it. Now with Huffman’s negative campaign backfiring, Huffman is sending out his lawyers to stop anyone from exposing his liberal, pro-amnesty, pro-illegal alien record.”

“In fact, nowhere in their letter do they refer to any statement in the ads that is untrue,” Simcox added. “That’s because our ads are accurate, and their entire claim is ridiculous and without merit.”

Simcox provided backup for the ad “Backfire” running on cable systems throughout Tucson and Southeast Arizona.


FACTS: Huffman’s negative ad campaign against Graf was even attacked in today’s Arizona Daily Star. His TV ads explicitly violate Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment” and even his liberal supporters are embarrassed by his tactics (see Tucson Weekly 9/7/06)


FACTS: Huffman supports a “Guest Worker” proposal endorsed by Ted Kennedy that would allow illegal aliens to remain in this country and become citizens – “amnesty” by definition. (Arizona Daily Star 8/16/06) Although Huffman claims to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC maintains that his “Guest Worker” scheme is, in fact, amnesty for illegal aliens.


FACTS: “He (Huffman) voted against a bill that would have allowed state and local peace officers to enforce immigration laws.” (Arizona Daily Star 8/16/06)


FACTS: Huffman opposed Proposition 200 which would restrict welfare benefits to illegal aliens (Arizona Daily Star 8/16/06).


FACTS: Huffman is endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Congressman Jim Kolbe and other apologists for the illegal alien lobby and they are helping pay for his negative ads against Randy Graf (Source: FEC Records)



FACTS: As Arizona State Representative, Randy Graf stood tall and often alone as a champion for lower taxes, less government, secure borders – and he is endorsed by national conservative organizations from coast to coast.

“Steve Huffman’s pathetic attempts to stop a dedicated patriot like Randy Graf from going to Congress are failing,” Simcox said. “Now, he’s attempting through hollow threats to stop MCDC PAC from letting people know the truth. It won’t work. Our ads aren’t negative, they’re true, and the truth hurts,” Simcox added.

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC is spending more than $40,000 for TV and radio ads exposing Huffman’s liberal, pro-amnesty, pro-illegal alien record, Simcox said. The MCDC PAC effort is a direct response to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s decision to interfere in the primary with a $122,000 expenditure falsely claiming that candidate Steve Huffman is a conservative.

In a radio ad airing extensively throughout Tucson and the remainder of Southeast Arizona, Simcox tells listeners that “if you think the illegal alien invasion is a good thing, vote for Steve Huffman. But if you are tired of seeing our laws ignored and our national security threatened, there’s only one choice: Randy Graf – a champion for your conservative values to defend our nation’s security.”

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC is made up of men and women doing the job our federal government has refused to do – secure our borders. More information is available at


Paid for by Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC, 2400 Earlsgate Court, Reston VA 20191. Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate committee.

### said...

First announced here again on Arizona Eighth!

Breaking NEWS...

The faltering Steve Huffman campaign has now faced a dramatic campaign overhaul within the last couple hours to try and save Huffman's sinking ship. Effective immediately Dave Stuempfle, the campaign manager will be fired from the Huffman campaign due to his absolutely inept management of the campaign and bad political advice. According to Camp Huffman, “Stuempfle has been a less than eloquent messenger to try and teach people in CD8 to understand that when they say that they want a conservative representing them, they really mean that they want a liberal.” Most important to the Huffman campaign is the need to get the campaign director position as close to the candidate and the positions and decisions he makes as possible. Also gone from the campaign is Adam Deguire, who has acted as the Huffman campaign’s Volunteer Coordinator and Get Out the Vote Director, a.k.a. the Official Campaign Waste of Space position of the Huffman campaign. Camp Huffman will not replace Deguire with another person and has instead elected to discontinue this position since according to the Huffman campaign: “Nobody likes us or volunteers for us anyway. So we thought that the ‘Republican Thing to Do’ is to streamline our campaign and get rid of unnecessary programs.”

The Huffman campaign restructuring will also include the immediate creation of two new positions. The first newly created position will be the Campaign Director of Surveillance Operations. According to the Huffman campaign, this important new position will become necessary to all campaigns of the future. This new position will bring back a long time political ally and friend of Huffman who has vast experience in the surveillance arena. The second position to be created will be the campaign’s Director of Internet Operations. This position has many duties, and it is assume that one of them will be to finally give Huffman’s campaign a face on the blog-o-sphere to fight back against the almost exclusive anti-Huffman campaigning. The new campaign positions for the remaining two days of the campaign will be as follows:

New Campaign Manager: James Click, Jr.
New Campaign Director of Surveilance Operations: William Arnold
New Campaign Director of Internet Operations: Todd Clodfelter

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call the Huffman campaign and ask Steve why he is such a loser. The campaign number is (877) 825-5487 or 87 STALK-4-US.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet or were born without the sense of humor gene, this whole post was meant as a joke. Huffman’s campaign hasn’t changed and is just as inept today as it was yesterday.

Bruce P. Murchison said...

Thanks for the sense of humor. It is refreshing in the midst of such sickening negative attacks.

Randall Holdridge said...

These are pretty good!

But the real joke is on any Graphite who doesn't realize that the day after he wins the primary, Randy will have to call for an appointment and then hump himself up to Tucson Country Club to trade his "princples" for campaign cash.

Randy wants to be a Congressman way too much. Anyone who doesn't see that hasn't been paying attention for the last three years. He's snakebit!

In fact, Randy already made this fact evident at the vaunted Gang of Four press conference. Let Antenori and Hellon make the charges of broken promises, bad faith, and stupdity. Randy showed up, but hung back, even stated that he would truckle for party money.

And boy howdy, is he ever being maneuvered. Just think about it. Who do you really think will prevail when you put Randy on a used car lot with Click and a Bic.
Maybe you'd feel safer sending him in to negotite a land swap with Don Diamond and his sons-in-law?

Kolbe retires, and the bigwigs get themeselves a new boy toy, but this time with hair.

Framer said...


Not buying that at all. Of course if Graf wins, and he is offered the money he will take it, but the tit-for-tat cycle is broken. Graf outraised Huffman for the latest filing period. Every dime of that was from non-Click sources. Supposedly, this could not be done. Huffman was confident enough about this that he has barely campigned at all to this point thinking he could just bury all of the other candidates with his spending at the end.

However, the real question is will Click and the NRCC take their ball and go home if Graf were to win. I'm leaning towards "no" because the damage if Graf were to win without their help would be too great.

If Graf wins the primary, he holds the better hand and would be in a better position to dictate terms than would a Huffman or Kolbe.

Incidently, I believe the same would apply for a Hellon victory, except he would be in a better position as he is seen to almost be an instant favorite against Giffords.

John said...

Hi Steve. Nice try with the negative stuff again. Sorry, still not working.

x4mr said...


Don't let folks put as much as one dent in your self-expression.

This is your blog. You can joke, rant, bitch, and say whatever you want. If they don't like it they can pound salt.

Randall Holdridge said...


You're whistling past the graveyard.

No matter who wins the primaries, this is going to be a $5-6M slugfest.

Assume, as I think you and your national party do, that Giffords is to be the Democratic nominee. Not only does she now lead the fundraising substantitally and in cash on hand, but so far she's raising money the old-fashioned way, mostly locally from individuals, with labor and PAC suport representing the pooled interests of individuals. The Democratic Party, state and national, has fired the merest warning shots of serious intent to win this seat, but hasn't even begun to fight.

Republican panjandrums, both nationally and locally, certainly want to beat Giffords and retain the seat. But Graf, in a tricky and crowded primary, is running way to the right not just of the district, but of his national party and of his embattled President. Hence, he is a threat to the 2008 campaign of, for instance, John McCain.

Certainly Graf's rhetoric (at least) spells trouble for all S. Arizona Republican business interests, and also to the greatest economic engine south of the Gila, the University of Arizona.

You cannot possibly suppose that these critical interests either will (or should) be sacrificed in the cause of snowflake babies, the proposition that the Earth is 6,000 years old, the restriction of scientific inquiry, the right to discriminate against gays, the denial of women's rights, or any of the other, frankly ignorant, red meat Graf positions. And particularly, having watched the Congressional allergy to the Tancredo/Minuteman border solution, you can't be so blind as to believe S. Arizona industrial employers can be easily stripped of their low-wage workers.

Come on. You think a small-time golf teacher, 1 term Arizona legislator who has been running for Congress for the last three years, doesn't sell his principled soul?

Framer, you have the heart of an angel.

SVInsider said...

Huffman and his campaign demonstrate what is wrong with the Republican Party and its current leadership. Huffman represents a party that has lost touch with the fundamental conservative principals that brought it to power. The interference by Washington and the NRCC is demonstrative of how disconnected the Republican leadership is from the people.

Continued support for the “Huffman Strategy” will lead to defeat in November and again in 2008. The liberals will be dancing in the streets.

Randall Holdridge said...

You know what, svinsider,

I thought that the fundamental conservative principles were individual liberty; defense of the Bill of Rights; respect for the Constitution; strength at home with good-will abroad; economic sanity; theconservation and husbandry of natural resources; the gracious duty of the established classes to improve the education, prospects, and conditions of their social underlings; the shared voice of America as a common heritage.

You haven't heard a Republican candidate advance this program since the Goldwater debacle of 1964.

The satraps are certainly richer and more powerful now. And the nation as a free society is assuredly worse off for it.

How any conservative fails to be either a Green or a Libertarian is completey mysterious to me.

Anonymous said...

Randall Holdridge;

Get a history lesson and a clue.. Randy Graf was elected twice to the AZ legislature and in his second term was elected by his peers to be Majority Whip.

When Graf first ran for the legislative seat in 2000, he was told by party regulars he had not "paid his dues", but he won anyway. In 2004 he was a senior advisor of Prop. 200 and told to back out because it was "political suicide", but stuck it out and helped to make Prop. 200 a winner at the polls.

When Graf decided to run against Jim Kolbe, many of the party's "Movers and Shakers" asked that he not run because this just "wasn't done". He ran anyway because of his beliefs and convictions.

Trust me, this man will not SELL-OUT to the "Establishment".

Randall Holdridge said...

I wasn't suggesting that Randy Graf would sell-out.

My idea is that he wanted to win too badly. Any shift of position can be spun.

Anonymous, you too have an angel's heart. I can't believe we've read the same classics.

What kind of conservative are you, to place hope in the goodness of an individual human?

Golly, this thread has become like living in a Greek tragedy.

Anonymous said...


Randy Graf is the real thing. He did not worry during his tenure in the House about "voting the wrong way" because it may not be PC and it could hurt his re-election.

Here's an idea, try talking to the man and see for your self, he's in the book.

witty_screenname_here said...

I'm new to reading this blog and I haven't commented before. But I can't hold back now. The surest thing that I've learned so far is that Randall is completely full of crap. Over and out.

Randall Holdridge said...


How I wish you weren't so ... well ...anonymous. I might then have a greater understanding of your argument. And since I am constantly struck by your naivete, I might be able to imagine whether you are simply green wood in your cause, or whether you are a delusional "true-believer."

As it is, I have a hard time deciding how to converse with you.

Surely you understand that it was no big challenge of character for Randy Graf to vote ultra-right in the Arizona legislature. In fact, it was Republicans like Toni Hellon and Marion McClure who took the hard path that best served the people who elected them.

By contrast, Graf went with the tide, and Maricopa and N. Arizona legislators rewarded him. Surely you Graphites understand this will be proved again and again in the general election by appeal to the Graf legislative record. You don't think that he won the admiration and respect of other political southern Arizonan Republicans, much less everyone else?

Principled, maybe; opportunistic, undeniably.

Now Graf wants to take charge (indefinitely) of the Republican party in CD-8, despite having cost the party a fortune defending Jim Kolbe against his wildcat challenge in 2004, when a Republican president's re-election was narrowly at stake.

And this he wants to do from Green Valley, in the face of evident resolved opposition from the money and the power in his own party's county hierarchy. This ambition is launched in a swing district, formerly held by Democratic icons Mo Udall and Jim McNulty..

And you think, as I take it, that Graf is going to contend in this environment without first suffering a thorough tea-bagging at Tucson Country Club? A few hours on his knees?

Okay, then you think Randy is willingly running as sacrificial offal, and that the Republicans have decided to let the Democrats have CD-8.

It's been said that most Americans no longer know the value of money. Hmmm.

As I began, anonymous, I don't know enough about you to judge. But take a look at the nation before you, Centurion.

Randall Holdridge said...


Welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll fit right in. But do try to say something. I agree, that like you, I'm full of shit; else we die.

SVInsider said...


Certainly ones frame of reference would affect how they perceive traditional conservative values. I was speaking to a more contemporary vision. The one that wants small more efficient government and a strong national defense that includes border security.

The satraps, those rich and powerful that comprise the American political aristocracy care little for a free society which does not serve them.

It’s the reckoning to which I speak, when individuals that have long supported the satraps and their agenda become disenfranchised sufficiently to join the ranks of the non believer’s and do so in sufficient numbers to drive them from the throne.

Maybe I speculate too much but my guess is you will be able to count us on Tuesday in those not voting for Huffman.

Anonymous said...


I find your post to be most telling. Are you truly telling me that Graf should have been worried about the Party's finances as opposed to doing what he believed was right? Integrity should not matter? The money men are the only ones who should have a say? We should only show allegience to our respective parties?

Do not forget that it was Graf who stood up and refused to allow our State Parks to be closed. When Governor Hull stated that the issue would not be taken up in a special session, Graf led the fight to make sure the Parks issue was included.
This was before the rest of the Southern Arizona contingent knew what was happening and then jumped on board.

And when the Speaker of the House tried to appease Graf with an assurance that the Parks in his District would not be closed, Graf insisted that all State Parks be opened.

Graf worked not only for his constituents but for Arizona. He was smart enough to know that to get things done, you have to work with people not fight with them and to do so without giving up your integrity and principles.

John said...


You have it all wrong. Huffman is the one that was on his knees, out in the desert with his nice big flashlight. What were they doing out there that night?

I think Click will be the one driving down to Green Valley. What are Click’s choices? Backing Gabby or supporting Randy. Let’s see that is a tough one. After a lifetime of investment in the Republican Party I don’t think ‘ol Jim wants to see Nancy Pelosi as speaker. Click has no choice but to fall in line behind Graf.

Toni Hellon did not take the hard path and she does not serve anyone that I know in District 26. She has hidden out in the Republican Party until her time came. She then went to Phoenix and voted like a Democrat. Most of her votes have nothing to do with representing the interests of her district and everything to do with being a liberal.

If memory serves me correctly, McNulty only held the seat from 1982 to 1984. Not exactly an icon. The area that Udall served was quite different then the current CD8. Yes Mo was an icon, a long, long time ago.

The Presidential race was indeed close in 2004 but that had nothing to do with Arizona. There is this thing call the Electoral College and Arizona is a winner takes all state. Bush won by a very comfortable margin here, meaning that nothing Randy did in ’04 had any effect on the Presidential

Randall Holdridge said...

anonymous and svinsider,

I'll give you this. Graf was right on the state parks issue. Of course, the issue wouldn't have come up if the Maricopa legislature were committed to providing appropriate funding to the support of an Arizona lifestyle that isn't "Bright Lights, Big City".

All conservatives take note. Barry Goldwater, once commonly called "Mr. Conservative", cherished the outdoor, free, open, tolerant Arizona lifestyle most of you more "contemporary vision" conservatives never experienced and certainly wouldn't countenance.

Your ideas consist of the abolition of free general education, restrictions on free association among individuals, and the advancement of an overweening military state bureaucracy, linked to global corporative control of the economy.

Svinsider calls this transfer of public treasure into the hands of a few unaccountable plutocrats, "small more efficient government."

Conservative President and General of the Armies Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the nation against people like svinsider's owners.

I suspect that svinsider is getting nothing for such abject slavishness, except perhaps the gratification of pretending to be "conservative" in an up time of the political cycle.

No true American conservative would stand for the rights abolishing, monarchical tendency of the current regime. A French or Prussian conservative, of course, would eat it up.

But to suppose it's not operating on a cash and carry basis in the House of Representatives? Folks, you better read the newspaper, and expect less purity of Randy Graf.

He's hungry; he'll eat.

Anonymous said...


I've known Graf for some twenty years now. One thing many others and I know and respect about him is; he is and always has been consistent. He does not try to remake himself regardless of how the political winds blow.

As a lifelong Republican, PC and activist, I have seen many a politician try to remake himself (or herself) just to win or keep a seat.

Randall, I am truly sorry that you have become such a cynic and can no longer believe in your fellow man. I am not naive, have a large amount of cynicism myself in regards to government and politicians, but I still know the real deal when I see it.

Graf is not a globalist, believes that
parents should have a choice in education, be it public, private or home school, and not dependent on their income status. He believes in
a smaller less intrusive government and that the money Americans earn belongs to them.

I am well aware that your next arguement will be about choice and more than likely the marriage issue so have at it.

It is liberals (oh, excuse me, I guess you now like to be known as progressives) that have chosen to become involved in every aspect of our lives, and turned us into a nanny state.

Have fun with your response now, since I have a real job I need to get some rest. Check back with you later.

Oh, I am also a woman and Hispanic, so no, I do not believe he is a sexist or racist.

Randall Holdridge said...


A hispanic woman emerges. Well, that's something, and I really do appreciate it.

I'm assuming you're a native Arizonan. Where were you born? What kind of job takes you out to work for a midnight shift on a Sunday night? Do you have a family?

You misunderstand if you think I'm making fun, or merely scoring debate points.

I think our Constitutional form of government is at risk, and I don't believe there are enough terrorists in the world to accomplish that.

In fact, I don't think any terrorist, however furious and determined, has yet restricted my travel, scrutinized my mail, asserted a right to search my home without a warrant, declared enforcement of the acts of my Congress to be subject to the President's personal discretion.

I don't think that any terrorist, rebuked by the Supreme Court on legal and Constitutional grounds, had then gone on a 24/7 propaganda campaign to urge Americans voluntarily to abrogate first and amendment protections of individual rights.

Oh, but you guys are conservatives, with a more "contemporary vision" of what that means, and of what it means to be a patriot.

Surely you're not surprised that people are angry?

John said...


You keep harking back to the original values that formed this country. Where does it say that it is the government’s job to shove kids into a big building all day so they cannot learn much of anything? If you want to go back to the original freedoms and values that build the U.S. then you should be for home schooling. I am glad that we agree on that issue.

SVInsider said...


I’ll give you this Randall; you certainly are full of shit. Why don’t you step out of the 60’s and breathe a little life into that old school rhetoric of yours. You have no idea what you are talking about and your suspicions are weaker than a Huffman argument. Anyway good luck on your fruitcake prognostications, you will need it.