Saturday, September 23, 2006

Too Little, Too Late

The Tucson Citizen must have had a good spate of cancellations based on the most recent editorial.

Everything they recount is true. The state Democratic party and the DCCC have acted reprehensibly, however the racist meme was started by one of their own, and he seems to escape mention.

Of course one wouldn't expect an apology from the Democratic party, but the Citizen should offer one to Graf for the Smith slime piece. This "makeup" article is far from that.

Perhaps the best thing for this race would be for both national and state parties to leave this race altogether alone. The state party is certainly doing Giffords no favors at this point.


pinkiris said...

The Tucson Citizen was more accurate than I would have given them credit for, but still connected Randy long after he had severed ties with McKee and her organization, Protect Arizona Now. It HAD been used as a vehicle for Prop 200 and that was Randy's only interest. Once that was accomplished, Randy was no longer involved with McKee and her organization. In fact, McKee's antics before the Prop was voted in, strained all relationships. It was later that McKee solicited Abernathy to head the flagging org. It is nowhere to be found now.

x4mr said...


This whole Duke link thing is just nauseating as was the Jeff Smith piece. The state party behavior occurs to me as cheap, like I said in my "Anti-Christ" post at "SED" (Hey, it is short, but not sure if I like it.)

I hope the next six weeks consist of better dialog regarding issues, and not revelations that communists in Venezuela have linked to the Giffords website.

gabby all alone said...

Looks like the Democrats have abandoned their candidate as well.