Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gonzales' Eventuality Arrives

We said it was just a matter of time and the time has come. Alberto Gonzales has turned in his resignation.

While Gonzales' many missteps contributed to his eventual need to resign, the unfortunate truth is the Democrats will get credit for flexing enough muscle to punish the President for exercising his right to appoint U.S. attorneys. And the Dems will use the Attorney General nomination process as another opportunity to grandstand. Consequently, the whole point of what was truly wrong in that office will be lost to more partisan politics.

It's interesting to hear the silence from GOP presidential candidates. CBS writer, David Miller, gives a useful analysis of why they are keeping mum:

So far, the leading Republican candidates haven't released statements on Gonzales' announcement. This doesn't imply they're fans of the departing attorney general — if they were, we would have seen press releases thanking Gonzales for his service. Rather, it points to the difficulties Republicans face in this election. Voters in their own party know they can't win with a candidate who sticks too closely to the president, yet polls show they still support Mr. Bush in large numbers. And supporting the president would hurt their electability among independent voters in the general election.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, this reminds me of the quandary that Clinton put Democrat Gore in back in 2000. It is really really similar. I mean, Clinton was beloved by the is Bush (although some of the base hates him because of his immigration bill...). Essentially, the situation of Clinton is that of Bush. To campaign with him means certain doom for the associate with him means something just short of doom.

Interesting post ACE.

The trick is how to use Bush effectively with the raise funds...or to in some way electrify voters in some key places in key states.