Friday, August 10, 2007

Statement from the County Party

I’ve read the comments on several blogs and, sadly, am not surprised that people are taking sides in what is developing into the “White vs. White” debate.

The attacks on Judi and on Linda are as needless as they are hurtful. Such attacks dishonor both ladies’ service to the Party and to the community. Judi and Linda have been good friends to me and to many in the Party. The attacks on their competence and their integrity are inappropriate. Neither deserves to be vilified.

Please do not expect official public statements about the reasons for the termination of Linda’s employment – at least from officials of the County Party. Linda was an employee of the Pima County Republican Party and the termination of her employment needed to be handled with the same decorum and confidentiality that would apply to any other employment situation. A public statement regarding the reasons behind Judi’s decision would be inappropriate. I’ve been an employment lawyer for more than 20 years and I have always advised employers against any such public statements.

Please also understand that it was not necessary for Judi to vet the decision through the Executive Committee. Linda served at Judi’s pleasure. If Judi believed that a change in personnel was necessary, she had the authority to make whatever personnel changes she deemed appropriate.

Regardless of whether people agree with the decision, it is done. We need to move on. While we argue about this, Giffords continues to raise money, to get favorable press coverage, and to vote against the interests of the majority of the people in CD8. While we hammer on each other, Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, and their cohorts continue to abuse the earmark process, advance their surrender agenda, and push us further in the banal quagmire that is socialism. While we fight among ourselves, the Clinton political and money machine rolls inexorably forward, fulfilling George Soros’ dream of an “open society” – one that is totally unacceptable to the vast majority of Americans.

Let’s honor Linda for the good work that she has done, for her friendship to so many in the Party, and for her loyalty to the Republican Party. Let’s also continue the fight that brings us together – the fight to win elections for Republican candidates.

-Jim Kaucher

1st Vice Chairman,

Pima County Republican Party


Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I am interested to see whom Judi thinks can do a better job than Linda or was this just a move to save money because the party is broke?

Anonymous said...

Judi is well within her right to do whatever she wants. I just think Linda is going to be damn hard to replace. I hope that Linda is still involved in Pima/Tucson politics at some high level. We need her.