Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sad Commentary on the UN

Rupert Murdoch's new toy, The Wall Street Journal, reports that the United Nations are finally taking action to intervene in the genocide of black Christians in Darfur:
"Four years, 200,000 dead and two million displaced people later, the United Nations has finally authorized a peacekeeping contingent for Sudan's Darfur region. Good intentions and eternal hope aside, this latest mission looks ready-made to continue the U.N.'s sorry record on stopping genocide."

A sorry record indeed. In the case of Bosnia, it was NATO that eventually stepped in to replace the non-response from the UN. In the Sudan, there is no NATO to save the day. Only the UN. If the UN had been effective in Bosnia, those citing ethnicity or religion as the reason for UN inaction would have a case. Under the circumstances, the UN seems consistently pitiful and inept making it difficult to label them partial.

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