Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pima County GOP Ex Dir let go

Today’s breaking news is that Linda White, Executive Director of Pima County Republican Party, will no longer be serving in that capacity. Our sources indicate that the decision was made by Judi White (no relation,) county chair of the party.

The decision should make for an interesting time at the next Pima County Republican Committee meeting since Linda is a member of that board, as well as secretary of the State Republican Party.

There have been grumbling about Judi’s management style and vision (or lack of both) but no firm plans to remove her before her term as chair expires in late 2008. With the termination of the popular and capable Linda we wonder if it is time to clean house - starting at the top!


Anonymous said...

What?! WHY?!

Anonymous said...

Meg Econ, Judi White and Nathan Sproul cleaning house of anyone even remotely close to Randy Pullen now that Sproul has his hooks into the Bee campaign? What a shame... Until now, I thought Bee had a chance.

Touchdown said...

There is nothing in the by-laws about removing anyone. The ED serves at the Chairman's leisure.

I don't know what the reason was.

Touchdown said...

anon, any evidence of that? or just wild speculation

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure, as incompetent as Judi is, she would not want to loose the election for Tim even before he announces. Plus Linda was a big supporter of Bee.

Framer said...

As a candidate, I can tell you that Linda has been there for me in offering assistance and help in learning the ropes, as well as candid, honest assessments and advice.

Right now I can tell you that I am quite upset about this turn of events. I honestly can't see a situation where this was warranted or needed.

If this was done because of some grudge or pique of emotion, there will be consequences. And I am far from a flamethrower.

Anonymous said...

Many think the party has needed a change. Sometimes you have to replace people and create a new team. They have CD8 down in Southern Arizona and we all have a Presidential race in 08. We need to work together and support the chairman or chairwoman's right to make a decision just as many of us have done here in Maricopa with Randy Pullen. While some of us might not agree with the decision, it was not ours to make.
I think Southern Arizona, like Maricopa can use this as an opportunity to welcome new faces and bring back some old faces who have been feeling snubbed. People who sit in their jobs too long can get big egos and interfere with new ideas and try to control everything. Let's hope this helps improve things. We need to keep hope alive !!!

Anonymous said...


I agree that the county committee needed a change, just think the wrong Ms. White got the ax.

I had not noticed the warm love and support for Randy from many in the party. The summary dismissal of Linda is not going to go over very well.

"People who sit in their jobs too long can get big egos and interfere with new ideas and try to control everything." Your words describe Judi much more than Linda.

Anonymous said...

chris - you may be right. I guess we will have to wait and see if new ideas and energy actually happen. Like I said Let's keep hope alive !

Anonymous said...

I think Judi White at the least owes the PCs an explanation for dismissing Linda.

Without an explanation, one must speculate the reasons as to why and who might be pulling Judi's strings.

I think Linda should also come forward and tell her side of the story as well.

If there was meddling from Sproul or Econ and the PCs get wind of it, it will severely hurt Tim Bee.

A good 1/3 of the party will abandon him.

Touchdown said...


What would Sproul care about who the ED of Pima County is...really?

Meg resigned from the Exec Cmtee in March & has been working on more important things than who is the ED of the county...

So, duke, you're threatening Tim Bee because he might associate with someone in the future that you think may have had something to do with something or another?

Judi is the Chairman of the County party and the ED works for her. If Judi feels that there needs to be a change, then so be it. It is her decision.

I've spent countless hours, days, weeks, months with Judi & Linda and respect both of them. Sometimes change is a good thing. I will support the new ED & hope for the best for Judi & Linda.

In regards to ED. I've been involved in different states & Counties and Pima was the first in which the paid position of ED was held by a voting member of the party, exec cmtee member, etc. Most everywhere else, the ED runs the show, but is not a voting member. It helps to keep the ED neutral on issues.

Anonymous said...

The dismissal of Linda White was a travesty and an explanation is owed to each PC
Linda White is one of the hardest working people I have seen at Pima Headquarters. She has had to deal with many problems and diplomatically deal with people trying to tear up their Republican Voter Registration Cards and talked many out of changing parties.

She has always been open to new ideas and helped anyone that requested it.

I think that this was a big mistake and everyone will realize it sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Tim Bee may be a candidate for Congress. If Linda is supporting him then she would not want to stand in his way. People have said Linda is out for herself but at the end of the day I bet she will tell the lynch mob to go home. What you are speaking of is political blackmail...Ditch Bee cause he happens to possibly hire x y or Z.
I am beginning to feel sympathetic for the people you keeping blamimg all the time. Pretty soon it will be anyone who has a letter e or s in their last name should be put in the dunk tank.
Blame game is a lame game

Anonymous said...


You missed my point in your rabid defense of the Click machine.

I was simply stating that without a thorough explanation of what happened with Linda, the rumor that the anon poster previous to my post made about Sproul and Econ, as well as other rumors will take off like wildfire.

Lack of information breeds the rumor mill and a smoke filled room dismissal of the Pima County ED gets it off to a good start.

How you derived I was threatening Tim Bee is also amazing.

I’ll tell you what though, if you and the rest of the crew you hang with start cutting away loyal members of this party while you rearrange the deck chairs, the perception of threats will be the least of your worries.

The internal divisions in this party will be Tim’s demise not Gabby. If he doesn’t present himself soon as the leader of the GOP here in southeastern AZ, as the one that can unite CD8 by mending fences and bringing all factions and personalities into his staff and onto his team he might as well forget it.

This will be the true test of Tim’s political skill, not the election in November ’08.

If he packs his team with the country club crowd from the Tanque Verde Valley and the Foothills, say goodnight.

Anonymous said...


Well said. Sonoran Alliance is reporting that Nathan, et. all were not involved. Hopefully that is the case.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was the case either. There had been some obvious "issues" between Judi and Linda. Anyone in the room with both of them at the sime time will attest to that.

What I'm interested to see is who will replace Linda and what Linda will do now with her time.

That will be the big story.

Framer said...

If Linda has idle hands, I can certainly think of a place where she would be welcome. . .

Framer said...

Although it doesn't pay nearly as well as her previous position.

Anonymous said...

Framer, unless you're running for state party chair, you're only going to get her when it fits around her schedule of impressing the boys on 24th Street. Hire someone who knows the true meaning of loyalty- or is at least willing to work for their paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Framer=Don't worry you can still win in LD 26 provided you do not get so twisted up. Do not lose focus on your own future by attacking the party chair for doing her job- deciding who will serve as the ED.
These are things you need to understand if you want the chance to be a legislator.
Since when do HR matters demand a public explaination/justification

AZAce said...

The loss of Linda leaves a HUGE hole at headquarters. (How's that for illiterations?).

Seriously, it IS a loss and I wish Linda the best with whatever she decides to do next.

And, yes, she will be an asset to any campaign team. Linda is well respected throughout the county.

I think Judi's autocratic, information-controlling style was difficult for Linda (no surprise here), and Linda was not afraid to speak her mind (not a bad thing when you want the hearts of the people who work there).

I don't see any conspiracy here, just Judi exercising her right to select her ED in the way Judi is comfortable doing it.

The ED serves at the pleasure of the Chairman, so Judi had every right to make the decision that she did. She should, however, as a matter of protocol, notify the executive committee which is entitled to an explanation since Judi serves at the pleasure of the PCs.

There have been a lot of opportunities to improve the support of candidates in Southern Arizona by the county party. This will set the office back even further. Hopefully, the executive committee can step up and provide the leadership so craved by party activists in Pima County.

Anonymous said...

did it ever occur to anyone that the combination of these two people just did not work ? Why look to blame one person ? Perhaps J White should get props for keeping L White even she was not loyal to her boss. I join with others who wish Linda the best. Many are saying she has been unhappy working for (and truth be known) against J White for a long time. No one is all good or all bad. Did it ever occur to anyone that with an ED always compeating with and not respecting her boss that it could have been part of the reason WHY things did not get accomplished ?

Anonymous said...

mystery solved ... pass it on

The firing of Linda White was brought about by a lone person hidden behind the grassy knoll

Framer said...

For the record, I do not have a problem with Judi White. All of the interactions that I have had with her have been positive. I'm just concerned about the timing of this decision and how it was apparently handled.

Linda has been a tremendous boon in helping me learn the ropes to being a candidate. I am convinced that she has done the same for others, including those who could possibly be my primary opponents. I'm not sure that this is easily going to be replaced, especially at a time when we need to encourage and groom strong candidates.

Now it is possible that someone else could be brought in to fill this role, or that Judi will take over this responsibility, but that introduces a question where before there was a certainty. You can bet that makes me nervous.

There is also the issue that this will bring problems for Judi, deserved or not, and lessen her possible effectiveness. A lot will depend on who is appointed Linda's successor. The margin for error on this pick is not large at all.

Again my concern is not so much an indictment of Judi as it is a vote of support for Linda, and I'll readily acknowledge that there may be facts that I am blissfully unaware of. Knowing what I know at this moment however, this was something that the county party didn't need.

And standing up for somebody who befriended and supported you is ALWAYS a battle you fight regardless of political expediency.

Anonymous said...

there is only one candidate for Exe. Dir. that can bring this party together. That guy is Pete Davis.

Anonymous said...


You are funny.