Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Frankly, Not Franking

Ann Day has sent her frugal, but nicely done first edition newsletter with articles on all the wonderful things happening in Pima County. Taking advantage of our high tech world, Ann elected to send the newsletter by email thereby saving somebody a chunk of change. At least, that's how I got it.

As frugal as it is to email the newsletter, one story in the mailer seemed to yank my wallet from my back pocket as I read it. Here's the article:
Pima County’s Conservation Plan a Model for Smart Growth
In 2004, Pima County voters approved a $174 million bond program to purchase more land for planning and conservation purposes. To date, the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan has used $51.3 million of that to purchase 21,400 acres, bringing total conservation lands in Pima County to more than 77,000 acres throughout the county.

Let's see...only 13.9% of all land in Pima County is privately owned. The government (including reservations) has all the rest, but it's not enough. So we voted to pay extra taxes well into the future for what? So the government can use our money to buy more land from us so that it can't be developed thereby reducing revenue to the county and requiring higher taxes that would give the government more money with which to buy more land from us that so that it can't be developed...

I guess we're now down to 13.8% and counting. Has anyone decided how much is enough for the county?

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