Monday, August 13, 2007

Dan Spahr Blogging

Just a note to let everyone know:

If you haven't had a chance to meet him, Dan Spahr is running for Tucson City council. You can visit his site at:

His public appearances Can be found here.

Additionally, Dan has started a blog. I hear that blogging will be all the rage with candidates in the near future.

And as I have related to Dan, I am very envious that he has a caricature in the Skinny and I do not.

Dan is a good man and candidate and is well worth supporting. With the direction that Tucson City keeps taking us, it is time to look at new voices and ways of doing things.

We will have more on the other Republican council challenger Lori Oien up shortly


x4mr said...

"I hear that blogging will be all the rage with candidates in the near future."


You are hearing from whom? What does "all the rage" mean?

I'm not meaning to be argumentative. I just don't know what you are saying. What are you suggesting is going to happen?

Framer said...


I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek. In actuality, the opposite is probably true. People have advised me to stop blogging altogether. Generally, when you see a politician blog, it is bland and boring. If it is actually written by the candidate, it is often vetted and filtered.

I don't believe that will always hold, however. I believe a point is coming that people will be sick of focus grouped politics. The fact that I am as far along in the process as I am now is testament to this. I'm not a born politician. I have done well so far because people trust me because they feel that they know me. I have invited them to my house each day and talked with them in my casual clothes.

This is something that you cannot manufacture or fake, however, and it has taken a lot of time and hard work. I only do it because I love doing it, and I love interacting with others. Also keep in mind that there are probably, at most, about 2000 people who may have ever heard of me by reason of this blog in my district. I will need 45 to 50 thousand votes to win. So blogging is only salt and pepper in comparison to the whole enchilada.

The good news is that those 2000 are likely opinion makers and are most likely to influence others.

In short, candidate blogging is in its infancy, and should I win, I will be a ground breaker. In the long run, however, blogging will likely end up the new populism and will be required to compete on a high level, especially as newspaper and television political reporting remains in a death spiral.

And congratulations to Dan for taking a chance. I am unaware of any blogger actually winning an election in Arizona (Greg Patterson started blogging AFTER his service.) Blogging while running takes courage.