Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Effective use of money

If there was any question over the strategery of both the Republican and Democratic congressional committees, my wife was watching the news yesterday around noon and saw that DCCC ad.

You know the one where they attack Steve Huffman's record.

Not a big fan of Steve at this point, but that is just mean.

It also demonstrates the careful thought and planning of the national parties, unless they think that it is important to stop Huffman from his Presidential bid in 2008.


Anonymous said...

That or the person at the TV station pulled the wrong ad to run, there's always that possibility. It ran a couple of times yesterday. Could have been run intentionally but would think that unlikely.

Anonymous said...

...that or a make-good for any airings missed during the primary since the contract was coming to a close. said...

Well, today brings great news for Mr. Graf and his campaign. In the latest polling conducted by the ever-so-holy Reuters, Randy has closed the gap with Gabby to single digits. The new Reuters poll shows Gabby at 45% to Randy's 37% with a margin of error of 4%.

So, while Gabby has her worst numbers yet, Randy is also showing his best numbers to date. And with the margin of error, the gap now could be as close as 4 points. No one has ever accused Reuters of having a "Conservative Bias." Quite the contrary. So, Gabby cannot be happy with the latest poll numbers. In the first polling done since the Minuteman ad started running, it really shows that the ad may be taking its toll and that the more people know about Gabby, the less they want her to represent them. Graf may still be reeling from the repeated "Extreme Candidate" ads in the Primary, but courtesy of the Minutemen and Gabby's desire to limit their Freedom of Political Speach, Gabby's the one taking all of the hits on TV and radio now. Before this polling was conducted, I suspected that the candidates were really only between 7-9 points apart, and at 8 points separation, this polling confirms that suspicion for me. So, with the only anomaly being the Weekly poll, Randy has steadily gotten closer to Ms. Giffords. She must be very afraid of the debates at this point. They could really be her undoing. And from what I saw, Gabby didn’t perform all that well in the Dem debates, where Weiss – other than her annoying constant hand movements - was the real star attraction. So, things are looking much better for Camp Graf. Just think what Huffman would have done if he was only 8 points down to Graf less than 5 weeks out. He probably would have accused Randy of murdering his own mother, which he would have had to disprove this repeatedly by showing that Mrs. Graf is still alive and well. Right now though, Gabby is the only one taking any hits on TV and radio.

Speaking of Huffman - Well- if you don't count the anti-Huffman ad the DCCC started playing again. By the way, great strategy for the DCCC. Make an ad with Huffman attacking Graf, then discredit Huffman. BRILLIANT!

I talked about Patty’s star power, but from what I hear, Gabby is going have some star power of her own come in and save the day. Yes, you heard it here first, Gabby is going to be having a fundraiser with Mr. Burt Bacharach! Yes, for all of you youngsters out there, you heard me right! Every youngster’s favorite singer of all-time Burt Bacharach is coming to town to support Gabby Giffords! Yes, the one and only Burt Bacharach! I’m so excited! I can hardly cotain myself! I mean WTF! Burt “Freakin” Bacharach? I don’t know if this is as much to help Gabby as it is to dispel all of those rumors that Burt Bacharach has been dead for the last 25 years.

Randall Holdridge said...

206isCancer = KMBlue said...

KMBlue? Is that a good thing?

Framer said...


That has to be the shortest post you have ever made, congratulations on your consiceness, and entirely avoiding the subject.

I can assuredly attest to you that 207 is definately not Latas supporter KMBlue.

Randall Holdridge said...

Don't be silly Framer,

KMBlue = 206isCancer.

You have assurance to the contrary, cough it up.