Sunday, October 08, 2006

The McCain Endorsement

Yep, that is the news I was hearing about.

This is likely to be minimized by my friends and brethren on the left, but this is the best possible development that could have happened to Graf this week short of Gabby getting caught sacrificing puppies to the Harvest Moon (and if I were the state Democratic Party I would point out that we have no evidence to suggest that she hasn't been doing this for years.)

There is no more respected and popular politician in power in Arizona than John McCain. Love him or hate him, you better respect him. He brings tons of independent and dare I say "squishy Democrat" appeal. The beauty of his endorsement is the single group of voters who are the most likely to discount McCain are already solidly behind Graf, and aren't going anywhere.

It also blunts and almost erases any sting from Kolbe's refusal to endorse Graf. After all, McCain and Graf are supposedly polar opposites on what many would consider their signature issues at this point, yet McCain is saying that everything else matters more. Kolbe could never single out what it was about Graf that made him unsupportable. Again, this endorsement highlights Kolbe's pettiness and makes him irrelevant.

This gives Graf supporters a response to those Republicans and Independents who have been led to believe that Graf is too extreme, but are leary of voting for a Democrat. There are more than enough of these voters to win the election for Graf, and nearly all of them are McCain supporters.

Finally, it is a good move for McCain. The people lining up behind Graf are the same people who would be most likely to fight a McCain presidential run. It would be very good for McCain to be able to point out who was there to help Randy Graf and who was not when the chips were down. If Graf were to win, this example would be valid nationally, especially if it were to save the House from being turned over to Democrats.

Now it would be icing on the cake to get some type of recant from Jim Click and Steve Huffman to go along with this endorsement. Especially if it were to take place before the debates.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Jim Click has already stated openly and resolutely that he is 100% behind Randy Graf and that he encourages everyone else to get on board as well.

Jimbo said...

This means nothing. Pro-amnesty voters aren't going to support Graf just because McCain does. Endorsements are pretty meaningless anyway, particularly in general elections. Kolbe's endorsement would mean even less.

Framer said...


Normally, I agree, endorsements are generally mauch ado about nothing. There are, however, key endorsements that DO make a difference. Had Click and Kolbe endorsed Hellon over Huffman, we would have had an entirely different primary. Had McCain endorsed Graf during the primary, he would have won by at least 20%.

The trick is to get an endorsement that overcomes a perceived weakness. Emily's List or any of the newspapers going for Gabby doesn't help her much, because they are a given for the Pro-abortion female Democrat. If the Weekly endorsed Graf. That would be notable and useful.

Randy's current problem is with moderate pro-Bush voters. If he gets them, he wins going away. The McCain endorsement fits that demographic perfectly and insulates Graf from the "Moderate Republicans hate him" meme that the press and the Giffords backers have been broadcasting.

The problem Giffords has is that there is no endorsement that she can likely get that will offset this pickup from Graf. And Graf still has a few possibilities out there that could help him further.

Gabby's game is peaking, to her credit she has just about maximized every possible advantage. She now needs to run out the clock because Graf can and WILL surge.

Anonymous said...

What affect will the revelations that Kolbe knew about Foley as early as 2000 have on the CD8 race?

John said...

Kolbe’s part in the Mark Foley saga will not impact the current CD 8 race. It’s like Jim has gone into hiding. If you look at his recent appearance on Arizona Illustrated, where even the liberals were tough on him, who could blame him. Kolbe is counting the days until he can get off to parts elsewhere.

Dittos that Click long ago fell in line. Huffman is less important since he had votes but no supporters. What is Huffman going to do, send his chief fundraiser over to Graf? Oh, sorry that happened a long time ago.

McCain’s endorsement will matter if he does a radio ad, records a get out the vote robo call for Randy, or does even a luncheon fundraiser. This race is going to be close and the Democrats know that. If just got a tiny bit closer. I am sure Graf will be happy to win this one day at a time.

As Graf gets closer and closer in the polls he may start to take on a mythical status due to his success despite the snubs of the NRCC.

Kralmajales said...

hahahaha...I do not at all see this endorsement as helping Randy Graf very much at might legitimize him a bit for some of those moderate, biz Republicans some of you call RINOS. But I bet you sure want their votes now.

In fact, the test now will be whether we see McCain and Kyl in lots of campaign appearances with him. If I were Demos, I would ask over and over if and when McCain will appear with and raise funds for Graf.

The only hope you have now my friends is that Kyl is able to pull out lots and lots of Republican voters and that you can then keep them from splitting their votes on Graf/Giffords.

Graf is still too extreme for S. Arizona...people still know it...and those developers in your party are going to have to swallow really hard to vote for him. Remember, they need that labor that you all are walling off...they know it...the Chamber knows it...and they know that Giffords is reasonable.


Kralmajales said... correction. It appears that the Tucson Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Graf...and that they had endorsed him in the primary. They are idiots. That wall going up is going to kill S. Arizona business and development.

x4mr said...

You can go here for what I really think about this, but on this turf will just say that this is way more about 2008 than 2006.

Framer's anticipation that us lefties would not be particularly impressed is accurate. This favors McCain more than Graf.

Where this might help Graf where the pen hits the ballot on 11/7 is with the casual republican voter dubious of Graf who because of endorsement says, "Well, ok."

Watched the Patriots game yesterday with a very conservative bible minded Republican, and you guys had better hope he is not a representative sample of what is happening.

He is PISSED. The negative primary stuff disgusted him. A staunch R and in their database, he got tons of stuff in the mail, on the phone, by various R machinery.

Foley didn't help, but it was the local stuff that turned him off. Oh yea, the corruption and utterly out of control deficit added fuel to the rage.

This is a guy that has photos of George and Laura Bush on his mantle, and he is staying home on 11/7.

Framer said...


So if you believe that "the wall" is going to kill business and development, then you concede that it will fulfill it's primary purpose to slow down illegal immigration. Do you think that is a positive or a negative in this election?

And again with the business type Republicans "uniting behing Giffords." Gabby is on record on several occassions in the primary as stating that she would vote to raise taxes. Any time taxes get upped, businesses are the primary casulty as they don't vote. "Repeal tax cuts for the rich" also means "stick it to big business" which also ALWAYS affects small business in a negative manner.

The Chamber of Commerce understands this. They look at records, and they even have ratings. Guess what those ratings tell them about who is better for business?

I'll give you a hint, They endorsed him. If they watch enough Gabby ads, maybe they change their mind however. If it says so on the TV, it must be true.

kralmajales said...

Oh come all can talk taxes all you want, Framer. But the truth is that your party has spent us into oblivion while NOT raising taxes to pay for it. That is called a seriously unbalanced checkbook or fraud.

Your party passed $1.2 BILLION dollar wall that they never intend to pay with real money. Your party and the Grafs of the world have raised taxes on my soon to be born child.

Family values my *SS!!!! You are taxing my kid before it is even born.

kralmajales said...

Sure it will slow down immigration...and for what? $1.2 Billion dollars? Those are dollars that smart republicans could use to offset the deficit and what others might see as a way to build infrastructure in Southern Arizona and pay for education...and a host of other activities that actually attract business.

You all are going to kill business in S. Arizona with you "election year" issue...that none of you seemed concerned about until you could rally the troops.

Down with the party that harbors child molesters...all for the sake of keeping power in the House...

Down with the party of greed...

Down with the party of fraud...

Down with the party that mortgages our future and that of our kids...for false wars and walls.

This independent is voting democrat...because you all have already raised my taxes over and over again for years and years to come.

Liza said...

Here's something the Democrats can use and I'm quoting some old guard Republican whose name I can't remember: "A tax cut that is not accompanied by a decrease in spending is BY DEFINITION a tax deferrment."

Yes, Republicans, look at your adorable little children and grandchildren and imagine them scrubbing toilets at Wal-Mart (only jobs available) to pay back the Chinese for the two billion dollar per week occupation of Iraq, the tax cuts for the super wealthy, the war profiteering lootfest, the pharmaceutical company lootfest (aka the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan), and all the rest of the drunk sailor spending (with nothing to show) of the current administration.

Oh, yes, and Social Security privatization (aka the Wall Street lootfest) will soon rear its ugly head again so get ready for that too.

These past six years have been one long "future" taxpayer funded gold rush for the super rich and the corporations that bankroll the Republican party. If you want more of the same plus another lootfest on the Mexican border (already in progress), then vote for Graf, vote for Kyl, and by all means, listen to John McCain.

Framer said...


I believe that you are an Independant in the same sense that Jim Pederson is an Independant. You can claim to be whatever you wish.

You have definately struck a different tone than what you had in the past. I believe that you wear confidence much better than uncertainty.

Look, I lived in Russia for a period of time. The Russian government, state or local had no duty to teach me or my family Russian. If I wanted to live there, the responsibility was all mine. I was also regulated via visa as to how long I could stay or what I could do in the country. This was annoying at times, but I was a guest. I was there to serve at the whim and for the benefit of the Russian school system, and I understood that. Should I have become a dissadent, they could rightfully have sent me home.

The overall cost to our district FAR exceeds the cost of the fence. A high percentage of the people coming across the border are good people, that is not arguable. However, we currently have no way to sift out the other percentage of drug smugglers, criminals, and even more nefarious characters. If we can't limit traffic, we can't control anything. Despite the misdirection of "Republicans want to send 12 million hard working families home!" This is what we want: to know who is entering our country, why they are here, where they are at, and have a general idea of what they are doing when they are here. This is not at all unreasonable, every other country in the world does it.

The cost to our local health care and education system is also staggering and unsustainable with the current situation. I would at least expect the representative in our district to be an advocate for our district in this matter. Giffords record shows that this just isn't a concern to her.

I am open for ANY evidence to the contrary not contained in a Giffords ad.

Framer said...


And by the way. The good news for Graf is not finished yet.

Liza said...


I found the good news and in the mainstream media, strangely enough. Republicans, say good-bye to the House of Representatives (and good riddance).

Liza said...

You know, I think just one more Republican crook or pervert (at the national level) in time for the General election would give the Democrats a very comfortable majority in the House.

Dogma said...


Maybe you personally don’t want to deport every person in the US illegally, however Randy absolutely does. All anyone needs to do is look over Randy’s so-called comprehensive border security plan, which is all about enforcement (i.e., arrest, detention, and deportation of illegal aliens along with denial of any social services, period). and totally ignores the underlying economic realities that have created this wave of illegal immigrants.

I’m all for enforcing our laws, but a border enforcement only policy that ignores the underlying causes is senseless, and will only cost us taxpayers more money until comprehensive reform is enacted.

Kralmajales said...

I see this border issue as so very troubling. I know it is expensive to educate new children and to teach people English, but didn't we do that for those who came here in the 1800s and early 1900s. If we didn't, then why not? Those immigrants built our railroads and our infrastructure that made America the industrial power that is today.

I just see the rhetoric of the Republican party as inflamatory and mythical. The images inflame the issue and indeed do breed racism and all of this for votes. It is slimey. Graf's language and what he stands for is not at all as you articulate it Framer. It is an US VS. THEM rhetoric that republicans had better think about hard. As this generation of young Hispanic Americans begin to vote they will remember that they were walled off from their families across the border and that there were some of you who would want to break up families all because of mythical language about terrorists and healtcare and schools.

There is very little if any welfare provided to illegal immigrants or their families outside of what non-profits do. Look at the laws, look at the hoops one has to jump to get public assistance at all after workfare began. It is hard for Americans to get public assistance! Very difficult. Maybe for the kids...but most of the time, if born here, they are it or not.

$1.2 billion on a wall, plus the countless billions spent on border patrol, helicopters, new technology, and now the use of National Guard troops has to be an enormous figure...and none of that works either. Those are my tax dollars and yours. You won't raise taxes to pay for it and you will spend spend spend to fight them from coming here. Deficit anyone?

Now, the aging workforce in America that does not have the skilled and unskilled labor to grow our economy. We have arguably never had it because growers and the meatpacking industries have used illegal labor for longer than we have been alive. The homes built, the buying power, and more...we benefit a great deal from this labor. Your party wants it badly and that is why you all did NOTHING ...and mean little to NOTHING about this problem until now.

The solutions to this problem, I think, are more costly than the problem itself. said...

For further proof that Gabby is now running extremely scared…

Her campaign sent out an email crying about the McCain endorsement. The campaign email went on to beg Giffords supporters to go to the Barney Bus to make calls for Gabby. Also in the email was the surprising and very positive news for Randy that the substantial lead that Dems had in early balloting during the Primary has been completely erased. And now Dems are suffering from a 3700 vote Early Ballot deficit. This proves that the Republicans got their acts together after the Primary to get Early Ballot request forms to all of their voters. The email sent to Gabby supporters went even further in talking about how Gabby’s lead had now been cut to single digits! So, what is Gabby to do? Will she just give up no that it appears that her campaign is in utter chaos?

Nope, not yet! Gabby has decided instead to commence with a “Walk Against America” this weekend with none other than Nancy Pelosi leading the charge. Yes, you heard it right Nancy “I want so badly to be Speaker” Pelosi is coming into town this weekend to try to rescue the Giffords campaign from its impending disaster. The “Walk Against America” or “March Against America” depending on how briskly they move will be gathering at the HQ of Southern Arizona’s Pro-Mexico and Anti-America disgrace-for-a-Congressman R-“owl” Grijalva.

Vandy said...

Liza and Kralmajales,

You appear to lack a basic understanding of economics. Obviously you are the product of a public school education where your teachers were protected by their unions despite their inability to explain the basics of micro and macro econ. Why do you fail to note that income tax receipts are at an all time high? I understand that it doesn't support your rhetoric, but that doesn't make it false. You just don't get it, do you? But it is the elites on the left that call conservatives stupid. It's no wonder you want to continue propping up the existing educational system. The dumbing down of America actually supports your self-interests. Guys, we can explain it to you, but we can't understand it for you. Go get an econ book.

And as for perverts at the national level, Liza... do you know the difference between a Republican disgrace and a Democrat disgrace? When disgraced, the Republican steps down from his leadership position, or his office altogether. The Democrat gets promoted to a committee chair.

Garrett O'Hara said...

Interesting. I spoke with Randy Graf on Friday night and he specifically mentioned opposing the McCain-Kennedy guest worker proposal. I'm not sure what to think of the insider stuff going on there. Any perspectives?

(Skip to about 12:40 in the MP3 to go straight to the McCain deal.)

Kralmajales said...


You are making the tired, old argument that lowering taxes spurs growth in the economy. Well, first of all you only lowered taxes (really) on the most wealthy of Americans and taxes have decidedly not declined. Most of the time, you Republicans bang loud drums of tax decreases and cut programs only to pass those expenses on to business or hide tax increases in user fees. Of course, tax receipts are at an all time high, we have more people paying them too.

But here is one little part of that libertarian economics book you were probably fed by some moron theorist somewhere. Remember Keynes? Well, under your party I would argue that Republicans have become more Keynesian than Democrats have ever been in history. You are deficit spending to grow the economy. PERIOD. Tax receipts are at an all time high because you are flooding the economy with govt. projects under the guise of privitization. Private prisons = govt. program and new growth. Raytheon and other defense industry giants profit, not from any market but from govt. dollars. Keynes told us that if you flood the economy with deficit spending you will grow it and you will get more tax receipts. Your party is the party of big government my friend and you can't deny it and this growth has little to nothing to do with any tax decrease anywhere.

So, now go and read that econ book of yours my fine little student and tell me what it says ultimately about the failure of Keynesian has something to do with what accumulated deficits can do in the long run. ass. You have no problem spending all that money on border, crime, and wars, and balk at taxes to pay for it. Then you also balk at such things as public schools...which you hate to fund because that would detract from you spending govt. dollars on a non-competitive market of govt. funds to private corporations.


Kralmajales said...


The email you speak of is a rally the troops email. Simple. It is to keep people from becoming complacent so they can truly stomp Randy Graf...and they will...with or without John McCain. In fact, you better be working on re-grouping your base right now and not talking to me. After what has happened here with Foley and the like, I would wager that Hayworth is in trouble and Jon Kyl might be as well.

Ya'll are going to get a wake up call this November. When you stand for family values you best exemplify them. When you stand for patriotism you best stand by those who fight for America. When you stand for tax cuts and lower government programs, you best not hide it with enormous deficits that my child will be paying.

In short, you have all of government power...all of it...and Congress and the President and Supreme Court and you couldn't get it done. None of these problems can be pinned on Demos...NONE. YOU LOSE.

Liza said...

It is always interesting to me when a person such as yourself who knows SO LITTLE about SO MUCH spouts off some sentence such as like "income tax receipts are at an all time high." What does that say about the distribution of wealth? Nothing. What does that say about median family income? Nothing. What does that say about employment? Nothing. What does that say about the trade deficit? Nothing. What does that say about inflation? Nothing. What does that say about the annual budget deficit? Nothing. What does that say about the public debt? Nothing. What does that say about the value of the currency? Nothing. And the list goes on, but I won't press the point.

As a matter of fact, I did graduate from college, I majored in economics and I went to private schools. I think I can hold my own in both macroeconomic and microeconomic theory as well as an understanding of the global economy and even the financial markets. If you want to know something about economics why don't you listen to one of your own, Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley?

When are you Republicans who spend your lives listening to talk radio where people who know SO LITTLE about SO MUCH indoctrinate people who never learned to think going to realize how you're being manipulated?

Republican "trickle down" economics does not work. The major flaw in pure capitalism is greed.

And, if you want to get into it with me about the problems with Democrats, then you might find yourself preaching to the choir.

And, by the way, telling other people how stupid they are is not exactly the premise of logical argument, but you Republicans haven't figured that out. I mean really, what is left to say with such a dismal performance record? There is nothing left to do except tell your challengers how stupid they are.

Oh, and another thing for the rest of you, Graf is going to LOSE this election and the Republicans will most likely lose the House of Representatives. said...


I said that it was “troops email” not with those exact terms, but I still said that the email begged “Giffords supporters to go to the Barney Bus.” The tone in the email is what should be causing shock and fear in the minds of Giffords supporters. If Gabby is doing so well, the email would have had a totally different vibe. Instead, the email listed a number of things that were going well for Randy Graf, 3700 more Republican ballot requests than Dem ballot requests, poll numbers now only in the single digits. So to go with all of the positive Graf news, instead of listing anything that was going well for Giffords, the email just said that the Giffords campaign was still confident that it would win. Based upon? Well, maybe old poll numbers, but not any good news or anything in the “troops email” itself. Add that to rumors that have been circulating that a new poll shows only a 6 point gap, plus Graf supporters working hard all over the place, rumor is that Graf now has up to 1000 people walking for him, and the need for Nancy Pelosi to come in to save the day.

Seriously, Kralmajales, if that email was meant to “rally the troops” as you say, the Giffords campaign needs to hire a new Campaign Cheerleader. Because if I was a Giffords supporter, all I would have felt after that email would be depression, suicidal thoughts, and that global warming was real or any other negative and irrational thoughts. Kralmajales, don’t worry though: Giffords still has the ability to pull out a win! Didn’t that make you feel better? The Graf campaign sends out emails to “rally the troops” too, but none that make the troops feel that everything is slipping away with the campaign or want to give up on life.

x4mr said...

Geez, Louise, 206!! And don't hold back, Liza!

Why don't I get juicy threads like this over at my place? Oh well.

Did you notice the time of that email? That thing was sent on a Sunday night shortly before midnight.

Poor ol' Daniel was probably pushing hour 18 at that point. Cut the guy a little slack on your assessment of his inspirational email skills.

Any smart campaign is going to work to maintain sense of urgency until 7 PM on 11/7 and take nothing, nothing for granted.

Liza said...

Great posts at 9:12 and 9:21. I must have been writing while you were posting.

Just another thought here for our Republican talk radio economic gurus. Please explain to me what the Republican lootfest I discussed above has to do with macroeconomics? The big government gold rush give away of the last six years is about croneyism, corporate greed, corruption, and gettin' it while the gettin' is good.

So, gurus, get real on this "economic" trash talk that you people absorb by some weird osmosis process from your talk radio friends. We can't spend our way out of the mountain of debt that we owe to foreign nations, mostly in Central Asia, by simply borrowing more money from them. It is not sustainable and you will be hard pressed to explain how it can continue. Yes, the global economy is more complex than the little models studied in ECO 101 if you even got that far.

I haven't figured out why some threads take off and others don't. You have great posts, so keep it up. A lot of people are reading, I'm sure.

x4mr said...

Thanks for noting the remark and kind words, Liza, and really not complaining.

It's a mixed bag. Art posted for months with absolutely no comments responding. Then one time I remember he was so exasperated with everything coming in he threatened to turn off comments completely.

I believe it's Espresso Pundit that does not and never did accept comments.

I don't get that at all. I'm interested in what others have to say.

Tad said...

Have you gotten this poll from GOPBloggers?

Kralmajales said...

Thanks for the kind words Liza, I was thinking the same thing about your posts...and it is always nice to see X4mr's work.


I don't see the rosey prospects that you do of Graf closing this gap at all. While I don't believe the race was ever a 19% lead, I think you all need to get very ready for a blasting like you have never seen.

I can't wait to see the fundraising, which will really tell the tell. Two things here...even after the McCain endorsement the NY Times (yeah...I know I know...don't say it) reports that the RNCC is still not coming to the rescue. The know the seat is unwinnable for Randy. The also probably see his dismal fundraising...especially for republicans with fundraising advantages out the yin-yang. In fact, I think people are going to be coming after Giffords fundraiser who is whipping the ass off people and bewildering everyone to boot.

Giffords had $1.1 Mill raised at the last report date. I am betting she is near $1.4 or 1.5 in this next one. Graf...hmmm...can't wait to see where he is at. If he doesn't crack a million you all have to just give this up and use your smarts and effort to keep Kyl from going down too. said...


Thanks for being sincere in concerning yourself about how Graf supporters must be doing. I actually disagree with you completely though about the fundraising. First, I’m sure that Gabby is well over $1.4 to $1.5 million. I’d guess that she’s closer to the $2 million range. And she’ll get a lot of money coming in from outside independent expenditures too. When it comes to Randy, he far surpassed what people thought he was capable of raising in the Primary at $600,000. That is against one candidate who was the establishment candidate with all of the “Big Money” people behind him and one candidate who was the former State Party Chair and National Committeeman. Not too bad at all, I’d say. That Randy loyal base out-raised Huffman by $30,000 during the July 1 through August 23 reporting period sent shockwaves through the Huffman campaign and through the local and national establishment. It put them all in crisis mode. Hence, the NRCC kicked $251,000 into the Primary.

Now, Randy has some big positives going for him that he really could not have expected or asked for since the Primary. Giffords released results from her negative push-poll, and the NRCC pulled their $1 million set aside pre-Primary for the General Election – you know when they were planning to spend this money on Steve Huffman. But what I’m arguing is that the NRCC pulling General Election money was a huge net-positive for Graf. You are probably scratching your head and asking: “How could that be?” Well, since Gabby has yet to go outright negative, the only negative attack ads against Randy post-Primary were DCCC ads. And the DCCC ad buy reservation was substantially higher than what the NRCC was planning to spend, a total of between $1.3-1.7 million. Randy had already been taking tons of punches during the brutal Primary battle, where Gabby survived her Primary relatively unscathed. And with the NRCC leaving, they convinced the DCCC to leave as well. Thus, Randy stopped taking the daily punches to the gut that the Huffman and DCCC had provided in their TV ads. Plus, the NRCC was already willing to be outspent by up to $700,000 by their DCCC counterparts. This not only turned out to be a net gain of up to $700 k for Graf, it also stopped the negative hit ads. And every bit of that $700k advantage would have been spent on ads painting Randy as too extreme and blah, blah, blah. So, now Gabby is the only one getting hit in TV ads by the Minutemen and I hear that some other anti-Giffords’ Amnesty group is also running ads now too. So, yes, Randy should be happy.

FEC numbers will come out soon, and we should see how much more money Gabby has than Randy. Everyone expects the amount to be substantial, but that is not what is important. What is important is if a candidate has enough resources to get their message out to the voters and how well a candidate can allocate his or her resources. I think that both will have enough money to run their ads. But at this point, Giffords’ ads will need to stop the bleeding. She is the one who is losing support daily in the polls, and she needs to make those tough decisions. Will she go negative soon? Well, that might be her verdict soon, but she needs to keep her cool, and I’ve already seen two instances where she kind of lost her cool in a head-to-head format against Randy.

Kralmajales said...

Hey there 206isCancer...

Both our posts are long to follow and respond to.

Briefly, I doubt Giffords will have $2 million...if she does...ouch. Randy needs $1 million to run ads in these final weeks...and I mean a lot of ads. He can punch, but can't punch back after being hit (like Kyl is doing masterfully with Pederson). Graf can't afford it because he just doesn't have the overall, broad base of support.

This is not a is a general. Randy has to appeal past conservative activists this time and get moderates. Giffords does this and will do this...Graf cannot.

As to contact voters, I don't think he is going to be able to do it with with what he has on hand. The Minutemen have very little cred and it just makes him look even more extreme.

If Graf doesn't have $600K he is useless and dead. If he doesn't get to $1 Million (with all that Republican money) he is unviable. That is why the RNCC deserted him. They know he can't run a credible race versus Giffords and they also know their money is better spent elsewhere.

Liza said...

Does anyone know what became of "phx kid?" Did he morph into "" said...

I'm not sure who this "phx kid" is, but from your description, he sounds pretty cool.

Liza said...

He is, but I thought "206" might be his alter ego. Anyhow, he's over at RR@R today.

Kralmajales said...

Phxkid is alright. We don't agree on much and he fires me up some, but generally a reasonably good blogger and probably a nice bloke.

Vandy said...


So let me get this straight. Based upon your post from last week, you believe:
1. Cutting taxes does not spur economic growth.
2. Tax cuts should go to the people who do not pay taxes rather than to the people who do pay taxes.
3. Government runs things better than private industry.
4. Government should make no investment in private industry.
5. Government should not spend money on national security.