Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Breaking my own Rules

I do try to stick to news regarding this particular race, but I just need to leave character for one moment.

John Kerry is a buffoon.

That is all.


Kralmajales said...

I agree...John Kerry is a buffoon. What a stupid comment at a stupid time of the race.

Like John McCain, I would not vote for John Kerry for dog-catcher.

All that said, what does indeed sadden me and what will not come out in this discussion is that where I come from, the military was the only ticket out...unless you were rich enough to afford college.

I am saddened that all of those men and women who bravely serve are country are in Iraq. It was a failed plan from the beginning and it will never be anything but.

The administration didn't have the sense to know that when you took the reigns off the 20% that controlled Iraq (the Sunnis...who we actually have MORE in common with) you end up with 60-70% of the dominating class of Shia taking over the country in a democratic and fair election.

Another Shia state? Right next to another Shia state in Iran? A cresent that moves all the way over to Hesbolah?

Bush and his moronic war COMPLETED the cresent.

I am saddened for every American who has died over there. I am deeply saddened also for every causuality. Body arm keeps them from dying, but it does not stop the amputations, blindings, disfigurement.

I deeply regret John Kerry's timing and how that comment came out. I think he is an idiott and is a horrible messenger.

However, I will not back away from saying that our good, loyal, soldiers have been put in a horrible position for nothing. We all know who does end up going to war most often. It is the economically depressed. Those who sign up to serve in the National Guard, those students who cannot offord college and find a scholarship waiting for them, those who have no factories to work in anymore and who live in rural depressed areas of America.

The proudly serve us...and they go to their deaths fighting for THIS?

Liza said...

Oh, I just can't resist. I mentioned this on another thread but I may as well say it here too.

The real buffoon appears to be President George Bush. In fact, his buffoonery appears to have spawned several cottage industries. On a recent trip to Target I noticed a whole section of birthday cards with George Bush as the subject, saying funny but dumb things, of course. I bought one for my husband who loved it. I think I'm going to go back and buy several more and use them throughout the year.

Also, some of the new 2007 calendars that are now available at the malls again have George Bush saying funny, dumb things. One of them is a countdown of what is left of his "presidency."

Yes, I think George is the buffoon of the century. So far, at least. Right behind him is Donald Rumsfeld, Condileeza Rice (shoe lady), Rush Limbaugh, and the list goes on....

Nice try, Framer, but the buffoonery is clearly in your court.

Kralmajales said...

I have been thinking about the effect of silly statement right now.

My wife thought it was so stupid as to possibly have been a "planted comment." Last, night I heard the anger on conservative talk radio coming out all over the place. On one hand, it might motivate the republican base and is being used that way right now. The commment fell right in line with the talk about "this is the party of Pelosi and Kerry" you are are talking about.

But, back to my wife's comment. The republican strategy was to get voters thinking about local issues. Hate congress but love your congressman. What this comment DOES do is remind voters of the war in Iraq. It nationalizes the talk. Everytime Bush talks about the troops angrily, it reminds voters of this very very unpopular war. Add to that the barage of campaign ads that the DLC is starting today on Iraq.

The more President Bush talks about the war and talks about "winning" it...the bigger the loss on election day.

My wife was suggesting he might have spoken, knowing that everyone was listening, and knowing all the while that this would put Iraq back on the talking points (instead of the economy) and at a marvelous marvelous time.

azwildcat88 said...

Kerry is clearly a bob. he was given a great, well written one liner that would have hit hard at the Presidency, and he managed to completely flub it up, actually turning it into GOP bulletin board material.

Than being said, his press conference yesterday did show a new Kerry. He was forceful and articulate. Had he responded to the Swiftboat ads in '04, he would have won.

Liza said...

What I noticed is the tone of Framer's post. He states, "I do try to stick to news regarding this particular race, but I just need to leave character for one moment."

In other words, "I am above this but I just want to jump on the bandwagon here for a moment and take a cheap shot at John Kerry."

Quite frankly, I think that this kind of conservative talk radio approach to politics is so ingrained in these people at this point that they don't even know they are doing it. In my comments above, my point is that Framer is just setting himself up for a massive amount of ridicule if anyone wants to get into a "which political party has more buffoons" contest.

And, of course, with President Bush being the buffoon of the century, why even go there?

So, why do they do it? They do it because they enjoy tearing people to shreds even when its self-defeating.

Vandy said...


I didn't think it would ever happen, but we've found something we agree upon. Maybe we're not all that different after all.

"I agree...John Kerry is a buffoon."

What troubles me is your next comment.

"What a stupid comment at a stupid time of the race."

Why is this "a stupid comment at a stupid time of the race" rather than just a stupid comment in general. The problem is that Kerry was candidly stating what the far left believes about those in the armed services. This wasn't a prepared stump speech (when has he made a comment like this before?). It was an impromptu moment: the ultimate truth detector. The only reason other Dems have characterized this as a stupid comment was its timing, not its content. To the far left, the content is right on target.

And let's get one thing straight:
"We all know who does end up going to war most often. It is the economically depressed. Those who sign up to serve in the National Guard, those students who cannot offord (sic) college and find a scholarship waiting for them, those who have no factories to work in anymore and who live in rural depressed areas of America."

Unemployment is 4.6%. Don't feed us some line about the economically disadvantaged having no where to go and joining the armed services as a last and only option. That may play on the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post, but not here.

Vandy said...

Bush, the buffoon of the century? Come on Liza. You're underestimating your gang (Kennedy, Kerry, Reed, Pelosi, etc.). We're only 5 years into the new century. Give your gang a chance. History will be the judge of that, as it always is. Need we remind you of who the stated buffoons and intelligencia were of the past: Reagan and Carter. Now what is it history has taught us about the proper assignments to those two men?

mybossthinksi'mworking said...

The Democrats' main campaign strategy has been to try to turn this election into a referendum on President Bush. John Kerry has- at least for now- turned it into a referendum on John Kerry.

Whether that will have an effect on this race remains to be seen (though it is noteworthy that Bush won this district in '04), but it might give the Republicans the edge in some of the other close races the Democrats have been counting on.

Kralmajales said...


You clearly have no idea of what the rest of America looks like when you trumpet the 4% unemployment figure and what that means to kids coming out of high school.

The military promises many wonderful things to kids coming out of high school. See the world, money for college that they do not have and an honored service to America. What IS true is that those who take that challenge predominantly are those who face few real job opportunities...or that are not ready for college...or...I will say it...can't get into college.

No one in the Democratic party has a hatred for the military. Some of us indepenendents hate the fact that reservists are called up to go to a bogus and horrifying mistake of a war. That lives, limbs, eyes, are lost for what is to be nothing. NOTHING. NOTHING.

The truth is that the upper class of America doesn't send their kids to war. Men like John Kerry volunteered. Men like Max Clelland lost limbs and some of you sickos call them wacko and un-American because they dare to question your motives for world peace and fighting terrorism.

You all are going down this time because the republican party went too damned far.

We aren't going to take it.

Liza said...

I'm not a fan of John Kerry, or Ted Kennedy, or Harry Reid, and I'm neutral on Nancy Pelosi. However, I believe that all of them have unjustly been criticized by the conservative right wing simply because they represent the opposite end of the political spectrum. They are not morons and the are not fools and they are not buffoons. They just don't agree with you.

So, Vandy, is it okay for someone to not agree with you? Is it okay for that person to express his/her values and beliefs? Is it okay for that person to want to have a voice and perhaps even run for public office and, God forbid, influence public policy?

When is the far right going to stop demonizing those who disagree with them? Allow me to define fascism for you:

"A rigid system of government characterized by one party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, belligerent nationalism, racism, and militarism."

Just for the record, I'm a huge fan of the Consitution and I am especially fond of the First Amendment. What I'm not fond of is trying to silence people and marginalize their position by turning small incidents into major events. I'm not fond of flooding the airwaves with ridiculous stories when major news about Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Gaza, etc... goes unreported.

John Kerry botched his joke and its "breaking news." George Bush botched his war. A whole country has been bombed into the stone age, hundreds of thousands are dead, hundreds of thousands of families are destroyed, and those left are in the throes of a civil war. And, that doesn't even begin to cover damage that has been done here at home.

Have you no sense of proportion?

Kralmajales said...


The voters will have a sense of proportion and will and do see your point of view.

It is a shame that as I listen to talk radio, that the lies they blatantly spread take hold with people and make them rabid and angry.

The entire discussion is a 2 hour "30 second soundbite". "Do you want this country run by unAmerican ACLU types like Nancy Pelosi?"

Someone should ask those limited government lovers where the money came from for this war? $300 + Billion. It we has spent a shred of that on education they would have declared that a waste of money and argued for privitized schools.

If we had asked for a shred of that for the National Science Foundation, they would have called it socialism because it is going to liberal professors in those universities.

But for a war, or for border patrol (that they can get people to apply for by the way...we should use illegals to watch the border like we use them to build our homes and pick our fruit), it is ALLLLLLL good...and it just doesn't seem to be our tax money or we just don't seem to need a refund for THAT.

You all are spending my yet to be born child into oblivion. Thanks you red-blooded American tax and spenders! (smile)...said in a light hearted way...so Bruce Murchison won't call me "uncivil".