Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A little more financials:

According to a new Citizen Article the Graf campaign claims to have raised another $200,000 since the reporting period.

Additionally the Minuteman PAC has announced that they will spend up to an additional $250,000 in advertising.

No public word form the Giffords campaign on what they have raised since the reporting period.


Kralmajales said...

I would wager that Giffords way out raises Randy in this coming reporting period as well.

As to where the funds have been spent and why she "only" has $100k more on hand. Well, it has already been spent on ads and ad space.

Be ready for a deluge.

Last, I am not sure that the Minutemen are going to win over voters, given that they are extremists on the border and given that their leader Simcox appears to be as corrupt as Ralph Reed.

Tends to just remind voters over and over what my former party has become.

206isCancer.com said...

In the first televised Congressional Debate where Gabby actually showed up without a surrogate, Randy looked far more Congressional. Giffords only had canned responses. She looked angry and appeared frazzled at times. Randy definitely looked more Congressional. Funny, but to be expected, Gabby actually sent out a press release saying that she “Won” the first debate within minutes of the debate finishing. Let me think about it…. NO...&…NO….&…NOT A FAT CHANCE! I’d actually like to know if her press release got sent out before the debate was even over. Gabby didn’t make any huge mistakes, but she didn’t win any fans either. Plus, the television news coverage tonight of the debate showed Randy hitting his best points of the night, and she just looked like a Democrat stuffed animal on a pull-chain repeating the same tired old regurgitated Dem talking points as always. It seemed like her answers were definitely pre-approved from on high. I wonder how long it took Pelosi’s office to give the go-ahead on her answers.

Anonymous said...

Gabby had the RNCC (with Steve Huffman) help her with $380K for a push poll to kill the Patty Weiss campaign. I'm sure she can go to the well again, as she votes with Toni Hellon and she has been a registered Republican longer than she has been a registered Democrat.

We need more Gabbys and Joe Liebermans to ensure the end of days and the last of the Democrats as a viable party. Gabby votes with Huffman and Hellon more often than with Governor Napolitano, so the fact that she votes with Graf around 70% of the time should reassure Republicans looking for a ringer to suspend the last of the Constitution.

If Graf waivers on supporting martial law, then we can still count on Gabby voting against impeachment and universal health care. I have not heard her denounce the suspension of habeus corpus.

Gabby is the best Republican that money can buy. Support her and her class. Vote against your own self interest, and the rich still win. Graf is one letter short of beating Gabby at her own game.

The RNCC will endorse Gabby with the same benevolence given to Lieberman. The major difference between Graf and Gabby is that Gabby is smarter, and she is not a racist. Graf is more honest with his bigotry than Gabby, but Gabby lies better and seems to be more of a shill for the lobbyists. Randy is a quick study and may yet beat Gabby. Either way, I doubt that Gabby will fight for civil rights, human rights, or health care as a right.

But she will certainly be better at inside stock trading than Randy, as she is more experienced and seems as greedy as one of her class can be.

Anonymous said...

Who would be better at torturing foreigners and fellow citizens? Who can make the lists to declare their neighbors enemy combatants? Gabby or Graf?

Graf talks the talk, but will Gabby rise to support the suspension of the Bill of Rights, while staying the course forever, in a War on Terror against the entire world?

These are the questions that the House will face. Gabby might be hardcore, if their is money to be made. Randy will most definitely be capable of considering the mechanics of deportation and detention, regardless of how much money can be spread among friends and allies. Gabby might need some prodding, but lobbyists find her to be EASY. Lobbyists are not big on constitutional rights.

If Gabby can make some quick cash off of knowing where the contracts rise and fall, then maybe she will also do her part in staying the course forever in the War on Terror against the rest of the world.

Security is priceless, systemic corruption is opportunistic. But either one of these Professional Politicians can represent the ideals that make the Republicans the party to beat. Its win win for the Rs in CD8! Its par for the course to have a buckstretcher versus the golf pro. They both are comfortable at Country Clubs and they both have little regard for those who are poor and in want. Gabby speaks good spanish so that counts for something.

Kralmajales said...
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Kralmajales said...


You can speculate all you want about corruption, but Republicans have a monopoly on that term right now, thank you very much.

There is nothing whatsoever corrupt about Giffords. If, however, you look deep into Randy and his supporters, you find it everywhere. First, hiring a known sex offender...no sorry...CHILD MOLESTER. Come ON? Give me a break...and then there are the Russell Pearce's and the Russ Dove's of the world?...and recent ads by the corrupt Minutemen organization and ads from the former close associate of Ken Lay?


Giffords is reasonable folks. She is not an out and out liberal. She is not dangerous. She will do more about the border than ANY in your party have done for the past years in congress.

Vote Giffords...no one will know who you vote for in that box!

Kralmajales said...

Giffords did win the debate. She easily showed that Graf is not a Republican's republican. R.T. Gregg over and over said that Graf has to appeal to moderate Republicans to win....to get past that 37% he always gets.

He did nothing to show he was reasonable last night. Nothing. In fact, he ended up defending that embarassment to your party, Russell Pearce. He had a chance to look more like who McCain was hoping to endorse and instead went back to his nutty base.

On Iraq, he continues with the stubborn "cut and run", which will just not work now. The Iraq war doesn't even appeal to a lot of Republicans now...let alone independents that Graf needs to win.

Giffords kicked his ass...and Graf doesn't even realize it. He boxed you all back into the same little world of an extremist brand of Republicanism that cannot win elections. It is why I left the party and it is why those so called RINOS you now need are leaving too.

John said...

Let’s face it. Tuesday’s debate will not have much impact either way. I don’t think the audience was filled with undecided voters waiting to run home and tell their friends how they will now vote. There is not an online link (that I have found.) And how many undecideds are going to sit inside on Saturday afternoon a 2:00 pm and watch Access Tucson with this gorgeous weather we are having. Randy and Gabby would reach more people standing at the local trailhead on Saturday handing out literature and answering questions.

Framer said...


I wasn't aware that you were at, or listened to the debate to call it a win either way. You need to be careful, for an independant you are sounding a lot like the state Democratic Party.

I don't agree politically with X4mr, but I do trust his analysis that it was a draw (or better a no contest, as most debates turn out to be ).

The one thing I saw on the news that I didn't like was David Nolen crying during his "cut and run" answer. There is no crying in Politics! Did he carry on like that during the rest of the debate?

Thanks for the input, one and all. I do not believe my work schedule conflicts with the next debate and I should be there.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think Nolan was crying as much as being passionate. And that is allowed. It’s not like “stay the course” is working out for us. The war in Iraq is not going well by most measures.

Kralmajales said...


Independent doesn't mean that I have to be moderate all the time. In fact, I lean more and more Democrat because of what I am seeing on the Republican side of the fence. I was a fiscal, conservative Republican for years, but have now seen the party drift askew. I just can't go that way this time and they deserve my anger and the anger of millions in the Republican party.

No...wasn't there...but have read about everything written about it so far and plan to see it. If I see anything different from what I have said, I will come back and admit it like a good soldier.

I can say this, what happened there depends on how it was reported. Most will not see the debate and most will rely on how it was reported. What I said above about him coming out reasonable...he did not in the press...and that is a loss.

My analysis stands.