Tuesday, January 30, 2007

AZ GOP Resolutions: War on Terror & Border Security

Nobody seems to be talking about the resolutions that passed at the state GOP convention last Saturday, so I'll mention it here. Carol Somers proposed a resolution condemning efforts to undermine President Bush's new plan for Iraq which passed overwhelmingly.

In fact, all the resolutions passed unanimously or with overwhelming support.

Randy Graf proposed a resolution ordering the convictions of border patrol agents Ramos and Compean to be vacated which passed unanimously. Another border security related resolution passed calling for legislation that enforces sanctions against employers that hire illegal aliens and requiring government agencies and employees to comply with the laws pertaining to illegal aliens.

A resolution supporting school vouchers was passed as well.


Sirocco said...

I was against invading Iraq in the first place, but ...

Had we sent sufficient (really, overwhelming) forces in the first year, I really believe things there would be largely resolved now. Sadly, we will never know, and this latest escalation is simply an example of "too little, too late".

In developing computer software, there is a notion that the sooner in the development process you can find a bug, the cheaper it is to fix. Find that bug in the lanning stage, low cost. Find it after software release, really, really expensive, if it can be done at all.

It's an imperfect analogy, of course, but it's like the Bush administration has suddenly realized there was a "bug" in thier planning (too few troops/insufficient security) and is now trying to fix it ... unfortunately, it's well after the release date.


As for the other stuff ... Ramos and Compean were deservedly convicted, and will deservedly serve time. They violated just about every procedure which was there to be violated.

School vouchers, bah.

Enforce sanctions against empkoyers of illegal aliens, sure. Thase sanctions are there to be used.


Sooo ... I support 1/4 of the resolutions mentioned ... doesn't that make me more of a Republican than Romney or Giuliani?

Framer said...


I'm not really much of a conspiracy theorist, or a believer in dark, nefarious motives. Don't you agree however, that the border agent issue would be perhaps a little less controversial if they could release the transcripts of the trial. Statements from the prosecuter are nice, but obviously biased. Actual court transcripts would sure shed more light on the process and findings from the trial. Right now there are few outside the courtroom that know exactly what happened. This isn't really the fault of the border agents, as the DOJ has been less than forthcoming.

I'm all for introducing fact into the issue, let the Justice Department release the transcripts. If the case is so rock solid, this shouldn't be an issue, right?