Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Game on. . .

I try not to do Politics over the Holidays. Every once in a while it is nice to step back, renew old interests, and balance yourself. I have done this a few times on this blog which I believe has gone a long way into helping me moderate my tone which is largely responsible for the moderate success that we have had on this blog. That being said, I am going to weigh in on the latest Pullen/James debate, and try to remain even-keeled.

1. The Campaign Finance Angle- Obviously, this is not a public election per se, so Lisa James should not be required to disclose spending. Starting the web page was indeed a very good idea, and should make her more accessible to those who may not know her very well. I was a little frightened by the "donate" link, but I see that that goes to the party in general, so it is not a problem. My technical critique would be to eliminate it, all the same, to avoid confusion and to remove the impression that she is running for public office.

2. The James election/appointment Angle- Again, although slightly convoluted, it appears that everything is indeed above board and legal. People need to stop trying to find technicalities to disqualify candidates, welcome debate, and allow each idea to be fielded by those best able to present them. I am fairly certain that a Lisa James-Randy Pullen square-off will be good for the party in general and really needs to happen, whatever is needed to bring that about.

That being said, I must admit that things do not look good for Lisa, and I wonder if those on her side of the argument could have provided a better challenger, at this point of the game, to carry their banner. That is not to say anything negative about Lisa. She looks to have been drafted to run for this position and was done so at the last moment. This always puts a candidate behind the eight ball, and even more so with a smaller universe of precinct committee elections. In addition to the web site, Lisa has been keeping a furious schedule in visiting the corners of the state, making sure that people have met her and feel more familiar with her. Hard work, however, rarely trumps meticulous preparation. Randy Pullen seems to have been putting places in place for quite a while before his number was called, possibly looking to challenge Salmon had he not stepped down.

Lisa needs to do a better job projecting her support. At the District 26 meeting, Pullen had Al Melvin speak on his behalf. Some might have thought this a bad choice, but it did show that Pullen had the ability to have others, and remember that Melvin did win the district Republican primary quite handily, speak their support for him. He probably could have attended in person, much as James did, but this could be argued far more effective if done from district to district. Pullen can also do this because he knows most if not all of the committemen and women already and does not need to introduce himself.

If you go to Lisa's site, you can see that her support consists of Kirk Adams and The ThinkRight Blog. Obviously she has more support than this, but you will want to get that lined up before displaying your support to the world. Additionally, blogs endorsements do not normally count as a reputable source of support to post on your site, all apologies to Thomas.

Again, the James-Pullen debate needs to happen, and each can articulate their positions well. I just fear that the people in the James corner failed to prepare properly, and it has and will weaken them. It also, fair or not, shows an overall weakness in organization which is the precise duty of the State Chair.

I welcome any input from anybody from either the Pullen or James camp and will dutifully publish any articles they wish to submit in support of their candidacies, as long as I do not end up as a testimonial on either site :)


Anonymous said...

The fairness of your post is admirable considering the "piling on" of other sites. A point of validity that needs to be considered is this; there are seen and unforeseen circumstances in life that should lead to re-thinking and reflection if decisions are to be based on the big picture of the future and not old ideas. Whether or not Lisa James had intended to run for this position previously does not discount her ability or qualifications to do the job well. The willing candidate is not always the best at the time for the job at hand. That Randy Pullen has opposition is not a surprise, if it wasn't Lisa it would have been at least one other person. The decision for Lisa to run was not based on selfish or personal motives, ego or desire for power but simply a belief in her ability to do the best job and desire for positive leadership at the party.

zona said...

Dear Anonymous,
Absolutely!!! Hear! Hear!.
Obviously this past election debacle didn't "heal" the inflexibles with one focus!!
What goes around comes around and continues a kick in the tush!!!

nightcrawler said...

This has all the makings of an epic battle. Big Mo is changing more in this race than the Boise State -Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl.

Both Pullen and James are worthy candidates. Each brings a different skill set to the table.

The question that the state committeemen must ask themselves is who has the appropriate skills for the job at hand ? Who can get more Republicans ELECTED ? At the end of the day, that is the bottom line.

zona said...

Nightcrawler....How can "worthy" be applied to The Pullen when he doesn't even generate respect from the RNC?
I reiterate...he is inflexible and pawn of group with like thinking!
People skills include consideration of ALL loyal Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Pullen is supported by moderates and conservatives across the board. He has brought opposing primary campaign teams together to help with general election campaigns and continues to be a uniting force in the party in other ways. Lisa James may also be able to do this, but Pullen has already demonstrated it.

Zona, why should we value the respect of the RNC? Who in Arizona really respects them except their annointed? And does anyone in Arizona really care what the RNC thinks?

Nightcrawler said...

Zona...Visit the websites of both Pullen and James. They are indeed both worthy based upon their professional and political backgrounds. Pullen is an accomplished businessman and James is a seasoned political insider with tremendous contacts and a proven track record.

Both these race horses have been drinking out of each other's troughs. James is more conservative and Pullen more moderate than their respective bases would suggest.

Every state committeeman must reject the endorsement trap and think for themselves. The only endorsement that matters is your own. Do the research, understand who stands for what. Find out who each will bring along with them to lead the state. Ask the tough questions. Above all else, be thankful that we have a choice. Make the most of it.

zona said...

Nightcrawler....your advice received. I always ask the tough questions and stand by my assessment. Yea or nay...may we please start the climb out of this dismal abyss!!