Friday, January 12, 2007

Harry Reid Stalls Earmark Transparency

The Washington Times reports that Harry 'under investigation' Reid, in order to strong-arm enough Dems to change their votes, is stalling legislation that would reveal earmark-sponsoring congressmen. Since there are enough votes to pass the bill, Harry's tactics not only put him in the spotlight, but beg the question "why?" What is it about transparency that makes him nervous?

In light of the calls for transparency coming from the left during the election, Harry Reid's actions appear more than a little inconsistent—so much so that he has already generated some serious grumblings in the ranks. Not only are some of his senatorial colleagues unhappy, but his attempt to distract his detractors by slighting Pelosi and the House version of the bill didn't win him any points over there either. Apparently, not all Dems share Harry's enthusiasm for a more opaque kind of transparency.

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adam j. said...

It is really no great shock that Harry Reid would be against trasparency. First of he has been involved with a shady land deal and if the press was fair they would investigate. Secondly he is a liberal and they are inherently hypocritical creatures who say they will do something and then revert to their old ways.