Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pullen Won't Appoint Successor; Who's In Line?

Randy Pullen made a noble pronouncement at a recent Pima County GOP event stating that should he become the next state chairman he would likely not retain his national committeeman position, AND he would opt not to appoint his replacement, an act to which he would be entitled as chairman. Pullen expressed his desire that the national committeeman position be open to state delegates to elect their committeeman allowing broader representation in the party.

So, who wants it? Republicans in Southern Arizona are always interested in a national committeeman from their neck of the woods and the buzz has already begun. Mike Hellon's name has been floated as one possibility. He held the post for several years before losing to Randy Pullen in a squeaker. And, being well-respected for his service in the party could be expected to make a good run of it. Of course, he is also committed to Sen. McCain's presidential campaign, so he may decide that is enough for the time being.

Some have suggested Randy Graf who has developed relationships with a number of state party folks and national party leaders. So far, Graf has remained fairly mum about his plans and he may feel his recent election to the county executive committee to be sufficient.

Frank Antenori, who has hinted at running for office again in the near future, may have an interest since it would keep him in the political loop at the state and national levels.

Of course, before any of this happens, Pullen has to win the state party chair. But don't expect those aspiring to the national committeeman job to wait until after the state meeting to get in line. Southern Arizonans are hot for representation in Maricopa and you can bet they'll be looking to feed the pipeline.


sirocco said...

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot of maneuvering going on right now for these various positions?

zona said...

THE PLOT THICKENS!! Maneuvering? Seems more like the "old smokey room manipulation"

Framer said...

Actually I don't think that there is any more intrigue than normal. I do, however think that everything is being reported on blogs that would never have been previously reported in the newspaper. Most of this stuff is pretty esoteric to the common voter.

Additionally, as far as the National Committeman slot I think the big news is that should Pullen be elected, he will not appoint his successor to this slot, which he would technically have the right to do. AS AZAce has hinted at, it would really be nice to get a Southern Arizonan into that slot. If McCain is not paying Hellon, then Hellon should have every right to bolt to run for that position once more. He would do far more good for us area Republicans there than running McCain's campaign in southern Arizona, especailly as he would be a pretty formidable candidate.

Not that I am endorsing anything. . .