Thursday, March 01, 2007

Arizona 8th Blog Roadshow Continues

For those who missed the radio show, you will have another chance to hear Framer live and unedited (the five second radio delay was cramping my style).

What: GOP State Legislative District 28 Monthly Meeting

Where: Pima County Republican Headquarters, 5447 E. 5th St. Tucson

When: March 6, 5:30pm meet-and-greet, meeting starts at 6:00.

The topics will be blogging in general, as well as general 8th district news and notes.

See you there!


Duke the Dog said...

When is missing the date. I assume it is this Saturday.

Framer said...

That's a negative. The meeting is on Tuesday, March 6. I will update the post. Thanks for the catch!

Wil said...

Great job at the meeting last night, Framer!

If anyone is looking for a politically-oriented speaker for any meetings or events, I highly recommend Framer. In spite of his own assertions to the contrary, he's a great speaker.