Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2008 State Legislative Races Update

LD 26: Melvin & Hershberger are still the only filers. Despite Scarpinato's column in the newspaper a while ago suggesting Pesquiera is running again, our sources have cited multiple statements made by Charlene Pesquiera that she will not run again. Nevertheless, she has filed as an elected official to organize a committee to raise and spend money for constituent communications. This doesn't mean she is running, just that she isn't planning to disappear during the off-season. The only update we expect to make in this race is who will run for the Democrats.

Nobody has thrown their hat into the ring for LD 27, 28, 29, or 30.

LD 26: Still Marilyn Zerull and Trent Humphries on the GOP side. Lena Saradnik and Don Johnson from the Dems have not yet filed although at least one has signed up for Democrat campaign school. This race is probably pretty well set. The Democrats will not enter anyone else into the race (Lena is a given and they don't really have anyone else to run besides Don) and the Republican candidates have broad support. I don't expect a repeat of last year's primary with four candidates in the GOP primary.

Nobody has filed in LD 27.

LD 28 has only incumbent Democrat David Bradley filing to run for re-election.

LD 29 has Bruce Murchison, a Republican, planning a run. He could be a strong candidate with the right team.

LD 30 is getting interesting on the GOP side with David Gowen, Sharon Collins, and Doug Sposito all planning to run. Others are waiting in the wings for Jonathan Paton to file, and Tim Bee to officially announce his run for Congress. This could be the most interesting district to watch in the next election. We expect to hear something from Tim Bee in the next few weeks afterwhich we expect things to start happening...even more.

OOPS! Sorry, forgot to include LD25 in the districts with no candidates filing for state house or senate.


Sirocco said...

Good info ... glad to hear Trent likely won't face a primary to drain funds/energy. District 30 is looking like it may be the one to watch.

I am a little surprised at the number of districts where nobody has committed to run yet. I know it's earlier than people are used to, but everything seems to be coming earlier this year.

Bruce P. Murchison said...

Any volunteers to join my team? It going to take a strong infrastructure to take a seat in LD29. But Linda Lopez terms out this session so there is an open seat.