Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WakeUpArizona Caught Sleeping

Here's an interesting "gotcha" moment. A web site called has been setup to counter the WakeUpArizona group, the group comprising a few irate employers committed to fighting the new Employer Sanctions Law.

In the meantime, Arizona Chamber of Commerce Director Glenn Hamer has announced the state Chamber will join wakeuparizona in challenging the law. Hamer's support for wakeuparizona flies in the face of the 6000 plus members of the state's largest chamber who support the law. However, his decision comes as no surprise as he was also a fundraiser in Maricopa county for losing CD8 candidate Steve Huffman last year working with some of the same businessmen now opposing the law.


Anonymous said...

Check your facts -Hamer was the Executive Director of the State Party he was not a Maricopa fundraiser who raised money for Huffman. Now are we going to blame Huffman's loss on the McDonald's franchise too ?

x4mr said...


I'd forgotten all about you. Glad to see you're still around.

Framer said...

I realize that I am in a glass house, but the design of that site burns my eyes!

Wake up Arizona is quickly losing the information war, however. A press conference minus Jim Click and a couple of newspaper articles isn't nearly enough to derail a possible initiative.

It appears that they are going the same route supporters of the Senate Immigration Bill went, which will probably get them the same results. Education trumps whining every time. And there is still plenty of time to get the word out if they find flawed portions of the bill.

They will need to be very convincing, however, as the employee sanctions bill has broad bipartisan support. The bill is compact enough to understand and limited sufficiently in focus to avoid too much confusion.

Wake up Arizona will need a better crew and plan to have a realistic chance to defeat the bill and stop a possible initiative.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the site? I think the colors are very soothing.

Sirocco said...

The list of things wrong with that site is extensive. The most glaring one to my eyes is the lack of alignment for the main body of the text.

AZAce said...

Sorry, fedup,
I should not assume everyone was privy to what happened in the past election.

Anonymous said...

Hamer had nothing to do w/ fundraising for Huffman in Maricopa. That's absurd.

Also, point of clarification: The Chamber is not part of the Wake Up coalition. The chamber is part of the same lawsuit, however, of which Wake Up is supportive.