Friday, July 06, 2007

Legislative District 26 Has a Field of Candidates!

We recently announced the two GOP candidates for state senate in LD26: Al Melvin and Pete Hershberger.

We now know the Republican state house candidates in LD 26:
Marilyn Zerull is a precinct committeeman very active in several GOP organizations on the northwest side. She has filed her papers and is well on her way to qualifying.

Neophyte Trent Humphries has also filed his papers. Trent is a newer precinct committeeman but not at all new to politics.


Anonymous said...

I like Trent. He really works at listening to all sides- we do not always agree, but I think he is honest and sincere...

Touchdown said...

AZ Ace, is Trent handing over the blog to you now? He's done a nice job and I most likely will endorse him.

AZAce said...

I'm sure he will appreciate the support. Not sure about the blog. We'll keep it going somehow, I'm sure.

Framer said...

Thanks ThinkRight, that would mean a lot to me.

I'll still post on this blog, but not as frequently and I'll try to avoid reporting on my own race. I'll eventually get a campaign site up with a blog and a bunch of other goodies that should be unique and worth visiting.

Keep in mind, that it is still blindingly early, so it may be a few weeks before I get that done. Until then, or at least until I get a second declared primary opponent, we will probably just wing it.

Sirocco said...

Hey, Framer, grats on taking the plunge! Are you going the clean elections route? If so, post here (or have AzAce do it) and I'll dig up a few qualifying donations for you.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Trent!

You are more than qualified in my thinking! BIG point...I believe you will be "fair and balanced"

LD26 Ticket.....Pete Hershberger....Trent Humphries....Marilyn Zerull!!

Framer said...


I'm leaning that way. Again we are REALLY early, so I do not believe that we can begin collecting fives until January. I will use any help anyone wants to give.

and Romel, thanks for the vote of confidence, I will contact you soon via email to give you more of the particulars.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not going to take welfare from the state aka "clean elections."

Why no self respecting conservative would accept government handouts, hence, being "dependant" on big government to get elected.

Run traditional. Go out and raise the money to run from supporters, not by raiding the state treasury and the hard working taxpayers.

You're pretty saavy with the internet, hell, if and idiot like Howard Dean could do it....

Anonymous said...


Clean elections money does not come from regular taxes. It comes from voluntary donations and from court fines. Any candidate who runs traditional is heavily penalized because of the way the law was written. Hopefully Trent will do what he thinks is best.

Sirocco said...

If (possibly big if) you have aspirations beyond local house representative, it may behoove you to spend the time and effort to actually fund raise. It allows you to build a certain network of contacts and a fund-raising infrastructure for future campaigns (something which really benefited Giffords last year I think).

However, that's a _lot_ of work, a lot of time and energy expended, and in the end it's entirely possible (likely better than 50%) that you will raise _less_ money that you would receive via Clean Elections.

My $.02 would be go clean this time, and then if you actually reach office consider what you want to do in the future.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you cut it, the money is confiscated from Arizonans and Republicans that run with clean election money are in clear violation of the priniples they supposedly aspouse.

How can you talk about getting people off of government dependancy and preach about a smaller role for government when you have your hand in the treasury's back pocket?

Clean elections was a mistake that has backfired and it needs to be repealed. The question is, who will take up the mantle???

Surly not a politician that owes his political career to it.

Don't do it Trent!

Anonymous said...


First there is a difference between income tax revenue and speeding tickets. In a way the fine from a speeding ticket is voluntary. If you don’t want to pay it simply drive the speed limit. Income tax is not what I would call voluntary. Clean election is funded from voluntary contributions to the government.

Another important thing to remember about clean elections is that it did not come from the government bureaucracy but was voted on by the citizens of the state through the inititive process. It has also withstood an initiative challenge. Thus the people are the ones who want it, not the big bad government.

If a politician raises money privately then some of it will come from lobbyists and special interests. Is that better than being funded by voluntary contributions from a process put into place by the citizens of the state?