Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paton to file for LD 30 senate

Our sources indicate that Representative Jonathan Paton will very soon file an exploratory committee for the LD 30 senate race. (The resign to run laws are likely the reason for an exploratory committee at this time instead of a candidate committee.) With news that Marian McClure is looking to run for the Corporation Commission Paton may have smooth sailing in the primary (more on the general later.)

Speaking of Representative Paton, there is an article in the Arizona Daily Star about his efforts to bring more openness to the state’s Child Protection Services. It is a sad reality that after a child has died there is no longer a justifiable expectation of privacy to warrant keeping the CPS file secret. Public review of the file may help legislators and the agency craft better policies to protect the state’s children in future cases. It also provides the public with the basic right to know how their government is operating.

The excuses for stonewalling made by the governor and other legislators is disappointing. Any sensitive information relating to future criminal proceedings or the privacy of other children could easily be protected by redacting that information from the report.

For more background see New questions arise on CPS ties to slain children.

Scarpinato at the Star has some more details on LD 30 and CD 8.

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