Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lisa James Running a PAC

Lisa James, former candidate for Arizona State Party Chairman, is now Chairman of the Arizona Majority PAC, formerly Proven Leadership for America, and originally Keep Congress Honest PAC. The PAC's stated purpose is to "ensure that our Republican Congressional candidates have the resources they need to emerge victorious in 2008."

For 2006, the PAC has raised $16, 010 with Don Diamond, Alan Heywood and Christine Olson each putting in $5,000. Chad Willems is the Treasurer and founder.


AZAce said...

Sorry, I forgot to post the link. It's up now, but the site seems to have trouble with certain browsers. If it doesn't work quite right. Try another browser.

Anonymous said...

Alan Heywood....Better than Wild Hickory Nuts in the Morning....oh, wait, that's Bill Heywood.