Monday, July 02, 2007

Looks like we got ourselves a primary

It appears that Pete Hershberger has filed papers to form an exploratory committee for the District 26 Senate seat.

Looks like a Heshberger-Melvin primary.

And yes, despite speculation by some, Hershberger is looking to run as a Republican.


x4mr said...


If Hershberger runs against Melvin, he will win.

He will also have a very good chance in the general. The GOP can win LD 26 back with someone like Hershberger.

Melvin lost to what's her face, and people will still vote for him?!

Framer said...

I'm not so certain Hershberger can beat Al Melvin in a primary where the LD 26 Senate race is essentially the top of the ticket.

Is his support deep enough to draw people to the polls to vote for him alone? He technically lost to Dave Jorgenson in a primary with more turnout than we are likely to see this year.

At this point I would have to give the advantage to Al Melvin.

Touchdown said...

You may want to recuse yourself when commenting about this race.
Hershberger and his family have been strong Republicans in Pima County for years (awards given in their name and they've done more for the Republican Party than any of us).
The rumor about a switch of parties was a political stunt intended to hurt him.
Pete Hershberger knows what he is doing and I'd give him the edge right now.
I don't plan on endorsing either of them until we are closer to the election.

AZAce said...

Why wait to endorse? The same candidates with the same platforms will be running closer to the election.

Anonymous said...

If they were such strong Republicans how come one of them could not win a primary for senate? I am sure Pete is crushed by thinkright’s lack of endorsement before he even formally announces, that blog was such a help for Lisa James’ campaign.

Framer said...


Arizona Eighth does not endorse in Red on Red contests. That is not what this blog is for. I am simply pointing out that Pete Hershberger will have an uphill battle to get the nomination as things stand now. I'm sure that he realizes this as well.

Many of the strategies that worked well for him in House races will need to be adjusted.

That is not to say that he is not capable of doing this, of course. But to think that he will walk over Melvin in the primary is simply not accurate.

And yes, the non-endorsement rule will be an issue later on for different reasons. But I still plan on keeping it.

Touchdown said...

framer...fair enough.
It'll be interesting to see if the State GOP is even-handed on that race.
Pete has won general elections time and time again (not including primaries) and is very capable.
Melvin did win that primary last cycle.
I don't have plans, at this time, to endorse either (that may change), but I will certainly endorse the Primary winner.
thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...


"It'll be interesting to see if the State GOP is even-handed on that race. "

That's an odd comment. What makes you think there would be anything but even-handedness?
While your concerns are probably founded on experiences with past GOP leadership involving congressional races, the current leadership ran on an anti-interference platform. Aside from that, the state leadership hasn't traditionally cared much about state races outside of Maricopa. I don't see any reason to believe there is going to be particular interest in this one.

Are you concerned that Hershberger will go further in his co-campaigning with the Democrats and that will cause some problems?

Anonymous said...

Hershberger is a fantastic public servant. The fact that the right in your party want to eat him up in favor of Melvin would be tantalizing to the most cynical operatives on the left, except that it is so outrageous and sad.