Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fred Thompson's Non-campaign Staff Shakeup

According to Time, Fred Thompson, who hasn't declared himself a GOP presidential candidate, is shaking up his technically non-campaigning campaign staff. Campaign manager, Tom Collamore is being replaced by former Michigan Senator Spencer Abraham and Florida GOP strategist Randy Enwright. The article suggests Thompson's wife is behind the staff changes. Obviously, if you're going to change staff, it's better to do it before the campaign than in the heat of the primaries, so the timing of this move makes sense even if the reasons are not clear.

Beyond the staff change soap opera, Thompson has stated he will postpone his decision to run (or not) until after Labor Day which gives him time to beef up fundraising before the big announcement. In the meantime, Thompson continues to hold his own at 2nd place in the polls in Iowa, South Carolina and Florida—not bad for someone not in the race.


Pat Jenkins said...

is the shine already coming off of thompson's candidacy?

Sirocco said...

Supposedly the latest fund raising figures show a significant drop from expectations. Not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Thompson's lack of firm commitment and his procrastination will in the end have voters question his motives and character. A true leader is not indecisive. He needs to stop putting his toe in the water and jump in before the political waters get too chilly.